Buttermere, Lake District

Buttermere, Cockermouth

Buttermere, situated in a remote valley and close to the town of Cockermouth, is one of the Lake District’s lesser-known treasures. With its serene atmosphere, it’s a place where visitors can truly disconnect and immerse themselves in natural splendour.

A Walker’s Sanctuary

For those who love hiking, Buttermere offers an array of trails that traverse the surrounding fells.

Noteworthy peaks include Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks, the latter being the final resting place of famed fellwalker and writer Alfred Wainwright. The paths range from easy to challenging, catering to hikers of all abilities.

A Circle of Beauty

One of the most celebrated features of Buttermere is its 4.5-mile circular walk. This well-maintained path takes you around the lake, offering expansive views, and perhaps even the chance to spot a red squirrel or a rare bird.

Good Swimming

While Buttermere is less frequented by boats and canoes, it’s a favourite among swimmers. The clear, calm waters make it ideal for a refreshing dip, and for the more adventurous, it offers spots for wild swimming.

Village Charm

The tiny hamlet of Buttermere sits close to the lake and provides basic amenities. Though small, the village is big on charm, offering traditional pubs and quaint bed-and-breakfast accommodations. It serves as a convenient base for exploring the lake and surrounding areas.

For the Love of Solitude

Buttermere is not a destination for those seeking bustling activities or lavish amenities. Its allure lies in its peacefulness, making it perfect for solitary walks, picnics, and meditative moments beside the water.

Seasonal Variations

Throughout the year, Buttermere undergoes delightful transformations. Spring brings a blanket of bluebells, while autumn offers a rich tapestry of hues as the leaves change. In winter, the snow-covered fells create a picturesque backdrop, adding another layer of beauty to the area.

Lens-Friendly Landscape

Photographers will find Buttermere to be a paradise, with its ethereal morning mists, reflective waters, and dramatic sunsets offering endless opportunities for capturing the perfect shot.


Though secluded, Buttermere is accessible via car or local bus services from Cockermouth. Accommodation options are limited to a few bed-and-breakfasts and camping sites, adding to the area’s secluded feel.

The attraction of Buttermere lies in its undisturbed beauty and serenity. It’s a haven for hikers, budding photographers, or those simply looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.


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