Chester Rows, Cheshire


Chester Rows are an enigmatic and historic collection of double-storey arcades that dominate the city centre of Chester.

Originating as early as the 13th century, these half-timbered galleries form one of the most distinctive architectural features in the United Kingdom.

Unique Design

The Rows essentially consist of two levels of shops. The ground floor features traditional storefronts that open onto the street, while the first-floor shops are accessed via a continuous covered walkway.

This unique design makes shopping in Chester an experience unlike any other, allowing visitors to shop at two levels simultaneously.

Architectural Evolution

The architecture of the Rows is a living testament to Chester’s vibrant history.

While the origins are subject to debate, the Rows have undergone various transformations over the centuries, reflecting architectural styles from the medieval, Georgian and Victorian periods.

Their design has been adapted and modified but never lost its essential character.

A Diverse Retail Experience

From high-street brands to independent boutiques, the Rows cater to every kind of shopper.

You can find anything from luxury fashion to unique souvenirs, antique stores to modern art galleries.

Food lovers will also be delighted with a selection of cafes and delis offering local and international cuisine.

Accessibility and Convenience

Modern amenities have been thoughtfully incorporated into the Rows to cater to all visitors, including those with mobility challenges.

Lifts and ramps have been seamlessly added to the historic structures, allowing for a more inclusive and convenient shopping experience without compromising the architectural integrity of the buildings.

A Living Museum

As you walk through the Rows, it’s hard to ignore the weight of history that surrounds you.

Plaques and information boards provide historical context, helping visitors to appreciate the significance of the architecture and layout.

In a way, the Rows serve as a living museum, offering historical insights while fulfilling contemporary needs.

Guided Tours

For those keen to delve deeper into the history of the Rows, guided tours are available.

Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours offer an in-depth look at the architecture, history, and cultural significance of this unique feature.

There are also self-guided options, making use of mobile apps that provide interactive tours.

Nearby Attractions

Situated in the centre of Chester, the Rows are surrounded by other attractions such as the Chester Cathedral, the Roman Amphitheatre, and the city walls.

This makes it easy for visitors to combine a shopping spree with a dose of local history and culture.

Chester Rows are not just a shopping destination; they are a historic landmark that offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s past.

Address – Chester City Centre

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