Chorlton Water Park, Greater Manchester

Chorlton Water Park, Manchester

Tucked away in the southern reaches of Manchester, Chorlton Water Park serves as a peaceful getaway not far from the energetic core of the city.

Initially established around an artificial lake for flood control purposes, Chorlton Water Park has evolved into a vital haven of greenery. Over time, it’s grown into a treasured wildlife habitat and a serene space for those looking for a natural escape from urban life.

The Lake

The lake is undeniably the centrepiece of Chorlton Water Park and continues to be a focal point for activities year-round. Whether you’re interested in angling, kayaking, or just quietly observing the waterfowl, the lake offers a myriad of opportunities.

The calm water invites anglers of all levels to try their luck at catching a variety of fish, including carp and tench, while kayakers and paddleboarders can relish the peaceful journey across the water’s surface.

In the summer months, the lake’s edges often teem with families enjoying picnics, children engaging in supervised water activities, and couples taking leisurely paddleboat rides.


Apart from the lake, the park is a treasure trove of nature’s offerings, serving as a sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna. In the warmer months, a kaleidoscope of wildflowers injects vibrant hues into the setting, while stately trees stand as year-round sentinels, adding a sense of permanence to the landscape.

Birdwatchers will find a range of species to spot, from mallards and coots on the lake to robins and finches in the trees.

Recreational Amenities

Though it’s tempting to think the park is all about the lake and natural scenery, it also offers several recreational amenities designed to suit visitors of all ages.

There are well-maintained footpaths perfect for a casual walk or a more energetic jog. Children have dedicated play areas equipped with a variety of playground equipment, ensuring that younger visitors have their own corner of fun.

Additionally, barbecue areas and benches make it ideal for family gatherings or just a simple lunch outdoors.

Seasonal Events and Educational Opportunities

Chorlton Water Park acts as a community hub, hosting a variety of seasonal events and educational programmes. Whether it’s a nature workshop in the spring or an outdoor film screening in the summer, the park keeps its calendar filled with activities for everyone.

Educational boards and guided nature walks offer visitors a chance to learn about local ecology, enhancing the visitor experience beyond mere leisure.

Accessibility and Convenience

One of the key advantages of Chorlton Water Park is its convenient location. Ample parking facilities are available, and for those opting for public transport, there are several bus routes that stop nearby. Even cyclists find it easy to access, thanks to the bike-friendly paths leading to the park.

Chorlton Water Park encapsulates what is best about the Greater Manchester area: the fusion of urban convenience with pockets of natural tranquillity.

Address – 74 Maitland Avenue, Manchester, M21 7WH
Telephone – 0161 881 5639

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