Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre, Cheshire

Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre

Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre serves as a dedicated facility for the noble Shire horse.

It combines conservation, education, and entertainment, offering a multifaceted experience for visitors.

The Shire Horses

The stars of Cotebrook are undoubtedly the Shire horses, known for their impressive size and gentle temperament.

These animals are showcased in various states—some are in fields grazing, others are part of interactive sessions, and still others may be seen participating in grooming and riding demonstrations.

Beyond Horses: A Diverse Farm Experience

Though Shire horses are the main attraction, Cotebrook offers much more.

A variety of traditional British farm animals, such as pigs, goats, and chickens, also reside here.

These additional exhibits give a more rounded, holistic farm experience and provide entertainment for those who may be less horse-inclined.

Events and Activities

Throughout the year, the centre hosts an array of seasonal events, from summer fairs to Christmas markets.

These events include special activities, crafts, and even limited-time animal interactions, providing a unique experience each visit.

The Café and Gift Shop

The on-site café offers a cosy retreat for visitors, serving locally sourced food and drinks.

It’s an excellent place to relax after a day of exploring. Meanwhile, the gift shop provides an opportunity to take home a memento, ranging from horse-themed merchandise to farm produce.

Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre is more than just an animal attraction; it’s a comprehensive venue offering education, conservation, and a high level of interaction.

Address – Eaton Lane, Tarporley, CW6 9DP
Telephone – 01829 760506

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