Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

Forest of Bowland, Clitheroe

The Forest of Bowland, located near Clitheroe, is a mesmerising Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that stretches over 312 square miles.

Characterised by heather-covered moorlands, forested valleys, and peat moorlands, the area offers an awe-inspiring backdrop that seems plucked right out of a romantic painting. Each season brings its own colour palette, transforming the landscapes into living works of art.

Hiking and Cycling

What better way to explore such an area than by foot or bike? The Forest of Bowland offers an extensive network of trails designed for all levels of fitness and adventure.

Whether you’re up for a casual stroll or a vigorous hike, the options are abundant. Cyclists will find well-maintained routes that offer varying levels of difficulty, while rewarding you with panoramic views that make every drop of sweat worth it.

Ornithology at Its Best

For those with a penchant for bird-watching, the Forest is nothing short of a paradise. It’s one of the last refuges of the endangered hen harrier in England.

In addition to that, you’ll have the opportunity to spot peregrine falcons, red grouse, and many other species. Regular guided tours and talks by ornithologists provide not just spotting opportunities but also enrich your knowledge about these fascinating creatures.

Wildflower Meadows

The meadows are adorned with an array of wildflowers, offering an entirely different but equally enriching experience. From bluebells to rare orchids, the floral biodiversity of the area is nothing short of impressive. The seasonal cycles bring about new species, providing ever-changing landscapes for botany enthusiasts.

Charming Villages and Local Culture

The Forest is dotted with quaint villages where you can experience local culture, cuisine, and crafts. Historical sites and ancient ruins add a cultural dimension that complements the natural beauty around. Traditional pubs offer hearty meals, local ales, and warm conversations, making them ideal pit-stops during your explorations.

A Stargazer’s Dream

For those who have a love for astronomy, the Forest of Bowland offers dark skies that are perfect for stargazing. Being far from urban light pollution, it provides an ideal setting for clear night skies, offering glimpses into celestial wonders that are often hidden to the naked eye in more populated areas.

The Forest of Bowland is highly-accessible. A well-planned infrastructure, ample parking spaces, and visitor centres make the visit convenient. Maps, guides, and basic amenities like restrooms and cafes are available to make your adventure as comfortable as possible.

Address – Kettledrum 6 Root Hill Estate Yard, Whitewell Road, Dunsop Bridge, BB7 3AY
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