Go Ape Grizedale

Zip Line

Go Ape Grizedale is not your average forest outing; it’s an aerial adventure that will leave you breathless. The tree-top course features a variety of obstacles, from wobbly bridges to swinging platforms, designed to test your agility and balance.

The Zip Line Experience

What sets Go Ape Grizedale apart is its zip line—considered one of the longest in the UK. As you soar over the canopy, you’ll be treated to unparalleled views of the forest and beyond, making it a memory you’re unlikely to forget.

Fun for All Ages

This isn’t an adults-only zone; Go Ape Grizedale offers courses specifically designed for younger adventurers. With appropriate safety measures and simpler obstacles, kids can enjoy their own version of the tree-top experience.

Forest Segway

If heights aren’t your thing, Go Ape Grizedale has you covered with their forest Segway tours. These guided rides offer a unique way to explore the terrain, winding through scenic trails and offering glimpses of local wildlife.

Safety First

Go Ape places a high emphasis on safety, providing comprehensive briefings and high-quality equipment to all participants. Staff are always at hand to assist, ensuring that your adventure is both fun and safe.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Grizedale Forest is a natural wonder, and Go Ape is committed to preserving its beauty. The park uses eco-friendly materials and follows sustainable practices to minimize its environmental impact.

Go Ape Grizedale is not just another adventure park; it’s a celebration of nature, adventure, and family fun. Whether you’re swinging through the trees or cruising on a Segway, you’re sure to leave with a greater appreciation for the Lake District’s natural beauty.

Address – Go Ape, Grizedale, Ambleside LA22 0QJ


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