Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Lancashire

Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston

Before you even step inside, the Harris Museum and Art Gallery captivates your attention with its awe-inspiring neo-classical architecture.

With its grand Corinthian columns and intricate sculptures that adorn the façade, the building itself could be considered an exhibit. It’s not just eye-candy; this Grade I-listed structure is steeped in history, echoing the cultural and social transitions of Preston over the years.

A Diverse World of Art

Inside, the gallery sections are a panorama of artistic expression. One moment you are admiring a haunting Renaissance portrait, and the next, you find yourself engrossed in a contemporary digital installation.

The museum ensures a seamless transition between different art forms and periods, helping the visitor appreciate the universality of artistic expression.

History Brought to Life

The Harris isn’t just about art; it’s a museum teeming with historical artefacts that provide invaluable insights into human history.

Noteworthy among these is the Poulton Elk, an Ice Age skeleton found nearby, which offers a glance into prehistoric life. The Egyptian collections, notably the 13th-century Ummayad panel, transport you to the ancient Nile valley, highlighting the richness of ancient civilizations.

The Temporary Exhibits

No two visits to the Harris are the same, thanks to an ever-changing roster of temporary exhibits. These range from photographic exhibitions to temporary art installations, keeping the museum fresh and engaging for recurring visitors.

Visiting the Harris Museum and Art Gallery promises intellectual and aesthetic fulfilment for  history aficionados, art lovers, and anyone looking for an educational outing.

Address – Market Square, Preston PR1 2PP
Telephone – 01772 905414
Website https://www.theharris.org.uk

Image: theharris.org.uk

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