Hoad Monument, Lake District

Hoad Monument, Ulverston

The Hoad Monument, more formally known as the Sir John Barrow Monument, is a symbol of local pride and heritage. Constructed in 1850, it serves as a tribute to Sir John Barrow, a prominent statesman, writer, and native of Ulverston.

The monument’s construction was funded by public subscription, making it a true community effort. It is a testament to Barrow’s contributions in the fields of exploration and maritime history, having served as the Second Secretary of the Admiralty.

Architectural Intricacies

Modelled after the third Eddystone Lighthouse, the Hoad Monument is a cylindrical tower made of limestone. It stands approximately 100 feet high, adding to its commanding presence on the Ulverston skyline.

Inside, a narrow spiral staircase winds its way up to an observation room at the top. The windows and the observation deck provide an incredible panoramic vista, making the arduous climb worthwhile.

Unbeatable Views

One of the key attractions of the Hoad Monument is the unbeatable view it offers. From its lofty height, you can gaze out across Morecambe Bay, appreciate the lush beauty of the southern Lake District, and on a clear day, even spot the distant Isle of Man.

Each angle provides a new perspective on the stunning natural landscapes that surround Ulverston.

Visitor Experience

Although the interior is narrow with a rather steep staircase, the views from the top are fantastic. Unsurprisingly, it’s a popular destination for photographers, hikers, and anyone keen on capturing the essence of Cumbria.

Hiking Opportunities

Getting to the Hoad Monument usually involves a pleasant walk up Hoad Hill, a route that is both accessible and family-friendly. For those looking for a bit more adventure, there are several more challenging trails that meander through the surrounding countryside before reaching the monument.

Conservation and Management

The monument is looked after by the Sir John Barrow Trust, a local organisation committed to its preservation. Regular maintenance, historical research, and public education activities ensure that the monument continues to stand as a cherished part of Ulverston’s cultural heritage.

The Hoad Monument is more than just a striking structure; it’s a piece of living history and a celebration of local achievement. Its panoramic views are an added bonus, offering an unparalleled glimpse of Cumbria’s magnificent landscapes.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a keen walker, or simply someone looking to capture that perfect photograph, the Hoad Monument offers a unique experience that adds a sense of wonder and history to any visit to Ulverston.

Address – Hoad Hill, Ulverston, LA12 7LD
Telephone – 01229 585778

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