Lancaster Castle, Lancashire

Lancaster Castle, Lancaster

If stones could talk, the architecture of Lancaster Castle would narrate epics. A fascinating blend of medieval and Georgian designs, the castle is an architectural marvel that captures the eye and imagination.

Its daunting towers and battlements make a formidable first impression, while its interiors hide lavish courts and detailed stonework.

A Living History

The castle is more than a collection of ancient walls; it’s a living institution. It served as a prison up until 2011, making it one of the oldest continuously-used judicial buildings in the country.

The guided tours, conducted by knowledgeable guides, bring history to life, taking you through ancient courtrooms and dungeons that have seen an array of trials, including the notorious Lancashire Witch Trials.


Being a popular tourist attraction, Lancaster Castle has been made highly accessible. Whether arriving by car, train, or bus, there are plenty of easy options. The site is also wheelchair-friendly, ensuring that the castle’s rich history is open to everyone.

Touring the Castle

Beyond the historical significance, a tour of Lancaster Castle can be a riveting experience in itself. You can explore the well-preserved prison cells, the medieval “Drop Room,” or the solemn Shire Hall with its collection of shields and heraldic emblems.

Interactive exhibits allow even the youngest of visitors to get a grasp of the castle’s history, making it a great family outing.

Stories That Echo Through Time

The castle is synonymous with numerous historic episodes and folklore. From religious persecutions to trials that have shaped British legal history, each corner of the castle has a story to tell.

The site also has links to the British monarchy, having served as a royal castle in the past.

A Wealth of Nearby Attractions

If you’ve soaked in all that the castle has to offer, the surrounding area is also replete with attractions. From strolling along the scenic River Lune to exploring the city’s array of antique outlets, there are all kinds of things to do in this lovely part of the world.

Lancaster Castle stands as a monument to some fascinating aspects of British history and is a must-visit landmark for those looking for things to do in Lancashire.

Address – Castle Grove, Lancaster LA1 1YN
Telephone – 01524 64998

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