Lion Salt Works, Cheshire

Lion Salt Works

Lion Salt Works is more than just an industrial site; it’s a living testament to Cheshire’s rich industrial legacy.

Operational for just over a century, this last-of-its-kind open-pan salt-making site was converted into a museum in 2015, gaining numerous accolades for its comprehensive portrayal of the salt industry.

The Open-Pan Method: A Vanishing Craft

The centrepiece of the Lion Salt Works experience is its demonstration of the open-pan salt-making method.

This involves boiling brine in large, shallow pans to extract salt. Visitors can see the actual pans and stoves used in this labour-intensive process, giving them an authentic feel for the working conditions of yesteryears.

Interactive Exhibitions: Education Comes Alive

Unlike traditional museums, Lion Salt Works employs a hands-on approach to education.

Interactive displays allow visitors to engage closely with the salt-making process, tracing its journey from brine extraction to the final crystalline product.

Social History

The museum goes beyond the technical aspects of salt production to delve into the lives of the people who worked there. Exhibits document the social landscape of the time, from family life to community events.

Personal stories and artefacts from former workers offer a poignant view into the daily lives and challenges faced by the salt works’ employees.

A Learning Space for All Ages

Lion Salt Works caters to a wide demographic, offering learning resources for both young and old. School programmes are specially designed to align with the national curriculum, offering a rich educational experience.

For adult visitors, lectures and workshops on salt-making techniques and history are regularly hosted.

Ecological Exploration

Adjacent to the site is the Trent and Mersey Canal, a vital transport route for the salt industry.

Today, the area around the canal offers a chance for ecological exploration.

Visitors can take guided walks and enjoy the local flora and fauna, learning how the salt industry shaped not just the community but also the local environment.


Understanding the importance of an inclusive visitor experience, the site has been developed to be accessible for individuals with mobility issues.

Additional amenities like a café and gift shop add convenience, ensuring that a visit to Lion Salt Works can comfortably span a full day.

Lion Salt Works stands as an immersive journey through industrial and social history, enveloped in an educational framework.

With its interactive exhibits, comprehensive social history narratives, and vibrant events calendar, the site offers a multi-dimensional experience that caters to a diverse audience.

If you’re a history aficionado or simply interested in understanding more about Cheshire’s industrial past, Lion Salt Works is an essential visit.

Address – Ollershaw Lane, Marston, Northwich, CW9 6ES
Telephone – 01606 275066


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