Maritime Museum, Merseyside

Maritime Museum, Liverpool

The Merseyside Maritime Museum stands as a testament to the city’s centuries-old relationship with the sea. With every exhibit, artefact, and story, the museum unveils the profound impact of maritime endeavours on Liverpool’s identity.

A City Shaped by the Sea

Merseyside Maritime Museum takes visitors on a journey through Liverpool’s maritime history, illustrating how the city rose from a small harbour to one of the world’s leading ports.

Engaging displays depict Liverpool’s bustling dockyards, the brave sailors that navigated treacherous waters, and the myriad of goods from far-flung lands that passed through its docks.

Titanic and Liverpool

A notable section of the museum is dedicated to the RMS Titanic, which was registered in Liverpool and bore the city’s name on her stern.

This exhibit not only covers the tragic sinking but also delves into the personal stories of its passengers, bringing to light the human aspect of this tragic tale.

Slavery and Liverpool

In its quest to paint a comprehensive picture, the museum doesn’t shy away from the darker chapters of Liverpool’s maritime past. Detailed exhibits chronicle the city’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, offering a sombre reflection on the lives and trials of those ensnared in its web.

Maritime Battles and Defence

Discover how Liverpool played pivotal roles in both World Wars. From its shipyards that churned out battleships to tales of valour at sea, this section highlights the city’s strategic importance and the sacrifices of its maritime community during times of conflict.

Life at Sea

Beyond the grand tales of ships and trade are the personal narratives of those who lived their lives at sea. The museum brilliantly captures the essence of a sailor’s life, showcasing artefacts from personal belongings to navigation instruments, providing a glimpse into the challenges and joys of oceanic voyages.

Model Boat Collection

One of the museum’s treasures is its extensive collection of ship models, ranging from early merchant ships to contemporary vessels. These intricately crafted models are not just aesthetic pieces but also serve as detailed records of maritime design evolution over the centuries.

Seized! The Border and Customs Uncovered

Within the museum lies another fascinating section dedicated to the work of the UK’s Border Force. ‘Seized!’ delves into the intriguing world of smuggling and the ongoing battle to keep illegal and harmful goods out of the country.

From historic contraband to modern-day smuggling techniques, this exhibit provides a unique lens into the challenges of border control.

Refresh and Shop

After a journey through time, visitors can refresh themselves at the museum’s café, offering a range of local delicacies. Additionally, the museum shop is an ideal stop to pick up maritime-themed souvenirs, books, and memorabilia.

Address – Royal Albert Dock, L3 4AQ
Telephone – 0151 478 4499

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