Morecambe Bay, Lancashire

Morecambe Bay, Morecambe

Morecambe Bay is famous for its remarkable tides that create an ever-changing landscape of salt marshes and mud flats. This dynamic environment is a sanctuary for birdlife, in particular redshanks and oystercatchers.

A Walk to Remember

The Stone Jetty is one of the iconic landmarks of Morecambe Bay. Reimagined with contemporary sculptures and even a unique pavement maze, it offers the perfect setting for a tranquil walk.

The Jetty extends far into the bay, allowing you to experience the ebb and flow of the tide, adding a sense of adventure to your outing.

Family Fun

Lining the bay is adventure playgrounds, mini-golf courses and playgrounds – ideal for families.

Dining and Refreshments

You won’t go hungry at Morecambe Bay. Whether it’s local fish and chips or a meal at a beachfront restaurant, there are ample dining options for all palates and budgets. There’s even a variety of cafes where you can enjoy a hot brew with a view of the bay.


Morecambe Bay is an inclusive destination, conscious of providing facilities that make it accessible to everyone. Several paths are wheelchair-friendly, and there are even beach wheelchairs available for those who wish to get closer to the shore.

Cultural Touchpoints

While the natural beauty of the bay is a major draw, it is also worth noting the cultural landmarks in the area. From sculptures and artworks scattered along the promenade to the Eric Morecambe statue, which pays tribute to one of the town’s most famous sons, culture aficionados will find something to appreciate.

Getting There

Whether you’re arriving by train, bus, or car, Morecambe Bay is remarkably easy to get to. Public transport is efficient, with frequent train and bus services that welcome those who don’t drive.

For motorists, an array of spacious car parks is available close to the beach, alleviating any concerns about parking.

So, if you’re thinking about your next holiday, consider Morecambe Bay for a diverse and enriching experience. From the stunning natural vistas to its cultural landmarks and family-oriented activities, the bay is more than just a beautiful beach—it’s a holiday destination that packs a punch, offering something for everyone.

Address – Morecambe Bay, LA5 8JR

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