Muncaster Castle, Lake District

Muncaster Castle, Ravenglass

Muncaster Castle is more than a mere historical building; it’s a living testimony to the rich history of the Ravenglass area, tracing its lineage back to the 13th century.

The castle’s architecture reflects various styles that have evolved over the years, from medieval fortifications to more recent renovations that have kept the estate in prime condition.

Inside the Castle Walls

Stepping inside, visitors are treated to grand rooms adorned with antique furniture, rare artworks, and an array of historical artefacts. Each room tells a story of the people who lived there, and guided tours offer valuable insights into the castle’s complex past.

The Blooming Outdoors

Muncaster Castle is equally renowned for its magnificent gardens. Walking through these horticultural havens, one encounters a varied palette of flora, ranging from local blooms to exotic species.

Seasonal changes bring a shifting spectacle of colours and scents, making it a year-round attraction for garden enthusiasts.

Owl Centre

One of the most unexpected yet delightful features of Muncaster Castle is its Owl Centre. This dedicated space houses a stunning array of owls from around the world and offers engaging live shows and educational activities that captivate audiences of all ages.

Tales of Ghosts and Legends

Given its age and colourful history, it’s no surprise that Muncaster Castle is often associated with ghostly tales and local legends. For those intrigued by the paranormal, the castle offers special evening tours that delve into these eerie stories.


With its wide array of attractions and activities, Muncaster Castle is an ideal destination for families. Whether it’s exploring the medieval towers, attending an owl show, or participating in a seasonal craft fair, there’s something for everyone, from children to grandparents.


Reaching the castle is straightforward, with both car and public transport options available from different regions of the Lake District. In terms of accommodation, you’ll find a good collection of bed and breakfasts and top hotels.

In summary, Muncaster Castle in Ravenglass is a destination that offers something for everyone.

Address – Ravenglass CA18 1RQ
Telephone – 01229 717614


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