People’s History Museum, Greater Manchester

People's History Museum, Manchester City Centre

Located in Manchester’s vibrant city centre, along the scenic River Irwell, the People’s History Museum is an essential stop for those fascinated by British social history, democratic evolution, and the experiences of the working class.

Occupying both a meticulously restored Edwardian pump house and a contemporary architectural extension, the museum serves as a dynamic platform that animates the longstanding fights for justice, equality, and political inclusion.


The architecture of the People’s History Museum itself is a blend of old and new. The Edwardian pump house exudes historical charm, while the contemporary extension offers a sleek counterpoint.

This architectural harmony perfectly encapsulates the museum’s aim—to connect the lessons of the past with the concerns of today.

The Core Exhibits

The museum houses a plethora of artefacts that provide a snapshot into the UK’s social history. With over 1,500 items, ranging from political cartoons to badges, the exhibits are nothing short of enlightening.

The Past Lives Here exhibit uses a mixture of photographs, texts, and artefacts to give a detailed account of labour movements, from the early days of industrialisation to modern trade unions.

Represent! Voices 100 Years On focuses on the long struggle for representation and rights, particularly the suffragette movement and the milestones achieved in gender equality.

Engaging Interactivity

The museum also offers a firsthand experience of the voting process with voting booths. You can cast a “vote” on various historical decisions to see how outcomes might have differed with your input.

The Fight for Gender Equality

The museum also shines a spotlight on the women who were pivotal in shaping social and political landscapes. From the suffragettes to modern campaigners for gender equality, this section salutes the indomitable spirit of women.

Social Movements

This section is dedicated to grassroots movements that have had a significant impact on British society, from the Civil Rights movement to environmental activism.

Temporary Exhibitions

To keep the museum experience fresh, rotating temporary exhibitions are a constant feature. Whether it’s exploring the implications of Brexit or the nuances of climate justice, these exhibitions are designed to engage with the pressing concerns of our time.

For the Family

What makes the museum particularly appealing to families is its array of educational yet enjoyable activities designed for younger audiences. School holiday programmes often include workshops, storytelling sessions, and arts & crafts, ensuring that children walk away not just entertained but also educated.

A Journey Through Social History

Whether you’re a history buff, a student, or simply someone interested in understanding the complexities of society, the People’s History Museum offers a multidimensional experience.

Through its diverse exhibits, interactive experiences, and focus on both past and present, this Manchester gem provides a rich, enlightening journey through the social and political fabric of Britain.

The People’s History Museum isn’t just a museum; it’s an ongoing conversation between the past and the present, one that invites you to join in.

For anyone planning on visiting Manchester, this institution stands as a must-visit, offering deep insights into the roots of British democracy and the ongoing struggle for social justice.

Address – Left Bank, Manchester, M3 3ER
Telephone – 0161 838 9190

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