Reddish Vale Farm

Reddish Vale Farm, Stockport

Reddish Vale Farm promises an immersive experience for families. Located conveniently near Stockport, it offers a wholesome day out that combines entertainment, education, and a touch of nature.

Meet and Greet the Animal Residents

One of the key attractions is undoubtedly its diverse range of animals. From quintessential farm staples like ducks, goats, and cows, to the more exotic residents like alpacas and reptiles, the farm offers a unique blend of the familiar and the extraordinary.

Visitors are encouraged to interact directly, making it a hit among children who revel in the chance to feed and pet a variety of creatures. It’s an experience that not only delights the senses but also educates on the importance of animal care and sustainable farming.

Educational Endeavours

Beyond being an entertainment destination, Reddish Vale Farm places a strong focus on education. Guided tours led by seasoned experts offer a detailed look into the daily operations of a working farm, touching on everything from animal husbandry to sustainable agricultural practices.

The presence of informative signs and displays deepens the educational value, providing facts and context that make your visit much more than a simple day out.

Other Activities

Reddish Vale Farm goes beyond traditional farming experiences to offer a variety of other activities. Enjoy a tractor ride through the countryside, try your hand at bottle-feeding baby animals, or even try some of the seasonal activities which could include pumpkin picking or Easter egg hunts depending on when you visit.

Accessibility and Convenience

One of the standout features of the farm is its ease of access. Clearly signposted and boasting plenty of parking, the farm is easily reachable both by private vehicle and public transport.

A Fulfilling Experience

In essence, Reddish Vale Farm offers a rounded, fulfilling experience that beautifully marries fun, learning, and a healthy dose of the great outdoors.

Address – Country Park, Reddish Vale Rd, Stockport SK5 7HE
Telephone – 0161 480 1645

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