South Lakes Safari Zoo, Cumbria

South Lakes Safari Zoo

South Lakes Safari Zoo takes a unique approach to wildlife conservation. The zoo actively collaborates with international breeding programmes and offers a comprehensive educational agenda aimed at fostering awareness about endangered species and their ecosystems.

Embrace the Outdoors

Forget what you know about traditional zoos. Here, open spaces replace typical enclosures, allowing animals like wallabies and lemurs to mingle freely with visitors.

The open-air design creates a naturalistic setting, significantly reducing the stress levels for animals and offering a more authentic wildlife experience for visitors.

Engaging Tours with Experts

For those who desire a more organised excursion, guided tours led by animal-care professionals are available. These tours provide a unique opportunity to delve into the daily lives of the animals and to understand the complexities of wildlife conservation on a global scale.

Animal Interaction

An enriching element of your visit is the possibility to attend talks and feeding sessions that the zoo hosts. These encounters are as entertaining as they are enlightening, offering glimpses into animal behaviours, their dietary needs, and the issues affecting their survival in the wild.

Designed for Families

South Lakes Safari Zoo goes the extra mile to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for families. There are numerous play areas for children and convenient dining options for a quick snack or a family meal. The on-site gift shop is stocked with souvenirs and educational items that align with the zoo’s mission.

A Menagerie of Exotic Animals

South Lakes Safari Zoo excels in offering a rich variety of animals, including some incredibly rare species. Whether it’s the majestic African lions or the vulnerable Sumatran tigers, the zoo is a sanctuary for diverse fauna from across the globe.

The zoo is continually buzzing with seasonal events and educational workshops. Be it an Easter egg hunt or a conservation-themed lecture series, there’s always something more to explore, ensuring that each visit is unique.


Thoughtfully designed, the zoo offers wheelchair-friendly routes and several amenities like baby-changing stations, ensuring an inclusive experience for all visitors. Its convenient location and ample parking facilities make it easily accessible for day-trippers from around the Lake District.

South Lakes Safari Zoo is an engaging Cumbria and the Lake District visitor attraction that’s suitable for all.

Address – Melton Ter, Lindal in Furness, Ulverston, LA12 0LU
Telephone – 01229 466086

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