Beale Wildlife Park, Berkshire

Beale Wildlife Park, Pangbourne

Beale Wildlife Park, nestled along the scenic banks of the River Thames near Pangbourne, Berkshire, is an enchanting haven for nature lovers and families.

This charming wildlife park and botanical garden offers a tranquil retreat where visitors can engage with a diverse array of animals and plants, providing both educational and recreational opportunities.

Diverse Animal Exhibits

The park is home to a wide variety of animal species, ranging from exotic birds and farm animals to reptiles and small mammals. One of the highlights is the walk-through aviary, where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of colourful birds flying freely around them

Additionally, Beale Wildlife Park features outdoor paddocks that house domestic animals such as goats, sheep, and alpacas.

These areas are particularly popular among younger visitors, who have the opportunity to interact with and feed the animals under supervision, fostering a hands-on understanding of farm life and animal care.

Botanical Gardens and Landscaped Spaces

Beyond its wildlife, Beale Park is noted for its beautifully landscaped gardens, which add a botanical dimension to the visitor experience. The gardens are meticulously maintained and feature a variety of themed areas, including water gardens that provide a peaceful setting for relaxation and reflection.

Conservation and Educational Programs

Beale Wildlife Park is dedicated to conservation and education, offering a range of programs that engage visitors of all ages. Educational talks and animal feeding demonstrations are conducted regularly, providing insights into animal behaviour and the importance of habitat conservation

Engaging Visitor Experience

Visitors to Beale Wildlife Park can enjoy a full day of exploration and learning, with well-placed amenities such as cafes and gift shops enhancing the experience.

The layout of the park encourages leisurely walks through different environments, each designed to provide encounters with animals or serene views of the landscaped grounds.

For anyone visiting Berkshire, Beale Wildlife Park represents a delightful opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the importance of wildlife conservation in a fun and interactive way.

Address – Lower Basildon, Pangbourne, Reading, RG8 9NW
Telephone – 0118 976 7480

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