Look Out Discovery Centre, Berkshire

Bracknell Forest

Located in Bracknell, Berkshire, The Look Out Discovery Centre is an exceptional educational attraction designed to inspire curiosity and learning through interactive science and nature exhibits.

It provides an engaging environment for children and families to explore various scientific principles through hands-on activities.

Interactive Exhibits and Learning Zones

The centre boasts over 90 interactive exhibits, making it a vibrant place for learning and discovery. One of the highlights is the “Build It!” zone, where children can engage in practical engineering by constructing with large, soft foam blocks.

This activity not only fosters creativity but also introduces basic principles of physics and engineering.

Another popular exhibit is “Water World,” which provides a playful yet educational insight into the properties of water. Here, children can manipulate water streams, create vortices, and learn about water flow and conservation through interactive play.

Additionally, the “Light and Colour” exhibit allows visitors to discover the science behind light waves and colour perception, featuring hands-on activities like creating rainbows and exploring reflections.

Outdoor Activities and Environmental Education

Surrounded by 1,000 hectares of Crown woodland, the centre is perfectly positioned for exploring the natural world.

Visitors can take advantage of the numerous walking and cycling trails that wind through the forest, providing a perfect way to learn about local flora and fauna.

The centre also organizes guided nature walks and wildlife spotting activities, encouraging children to develop an appreciation for environmental conservation.

Facilities and Accessibility

The Look Out Discovery Centre is equipped with facilities to ensure a comfortable and accessible visit for all. There is a café on-site that offers a variety of refreshments and meals, suitable for families needing a break between activities.

The centre also provides ample parking and is designed to be accessible for visitors with mobility challenges, ensuring everyone can enjoy the learning experiences available.

With its wide range of exhibits, educational shows, and the natural beauty of its forest setting, it provides a comprehensive educational experience that stimulates learning in children and offers a fun, interactive day out for the whole family.

Whether it’s understanding the physics of building blocks or exploring the biodiversity of the forest, The Look Out offers a unique adventure into the world of science and nature.

Address – Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell, RG12 7QW
Telephone – 01344 354400

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