The Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings, Worcestershire

The Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings, Bromsgrove

Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, stands as a unique cultural haven. With 19 acres of lush landscapes, it hosts an impressive collection of over 30 buildings, each painstakingly relocated and revived.

A Tapestry of Time

The museum’s diverse array of buildings spans several centuries, offering a living timeline of British architecture. Highlights include a medieval timber-framed house, an elegant Victorian tollhouse, and a rare 1940s post-war prefab. Each structure narrates a distinct chapter of England’s past, providing visitors with an immersive historical experience.

Interactive Learning and Demonstrations

At Avoncroft, history is not just observed but experienced. The museum regularly conducts craft demonstrations, like blacksmithing and traditional baking, allowing visitors to engage directly with historical skills and crafts. These activities bring the past to life, offering both education and entertainment.

The Iconic Telephone Box Collection

A standout feature is the National Telephone Kiosk Collection. This exhibit traces the evolution of the British telephone box, an enduring symbol of the UK’s communication history. It’s a nostalgic walk through time, showcasing designs from different eras.

Gardens and the Edwardian Tea Room

Complementing the historical exhibits are Avoncroft’s tranquil gardens, offering a serene escape. The on-site Edwardian Tea Room presents a delightful spot for visitors to enjoy traditional British refreshments amidst a historical setting.

A key aspect of Avoncroft’s ethos is the conservation of architectural heritage. Each building at the museum has been saved from potential demolition, ensuring the preservation of these historical gems for future generations.

Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings is a vibrant celebration of Britain’s architectural and cultural heritage and is an ideal destination for anyone interested in exploring the UK’s past in a hands-on way.

Address – 86 Redditch Rd, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, B60 4JR
Telephone – 01527 831363


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