Birmingham Science Museum Thinktank

Birmingham Science Museum

Thinktank, Birmingham’s celebrated science museum, stands in the city’s Millennium Point complex as a beacon of discovery and innovation. This interactive museum offers an engaging journey through the world of science and technology, appealing to visitors of all ages.

A World of Discovery Across Four Floors

Spread across four floors, Thinktank presents a diverse array of exhibits. Each floor is dedicated to different themes, making the exploration of science both comprehensive and exciting.

The Industrial Might of Birmingham

The museum honors Birmingham’s rich industrial heritage. The Spitfire Gallery is a prominent feature, showcasing the city’s contribution to aviation history. It highlights the Spitfire aircraft, an iconic symbol of British resilience and engineering prowess during World War II.

Interactive and Educational Exhibits

Thinktank’s exhibits are designed to be interactive, encouraging hands-on learning. From exploring the human body to delving into the mechanics behind everyday technology, the museum makes complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging.

The Science Garden

The Science Garden is an innovative outdoor space that blends play with scientific learning. Here, visitors can interact with large-scale exhibits demonstrating principles of physics, mechanics, and engineering in a fun and engaging environment.

The Planetarium

A major attraction at Thinktank is the Planetarium. This state-of-the-art facility offers immersive shows that take visitors on a journey through the cosmos, exploring galaxies, stars, and the wonders of space.

MiniBrum for Young Explorers

Thinktank is particularly welcoming to younger visitors. MiniBrum, a mini city within the museum, is designed for children. It provides a playful learning environment where kids can engage in role-playing and interactive activities, fostering early interest in science and technology.

Exhibits on Transportation and Manufacturing

The museum also features exhibits on transportation and manufacturing, showcasing the evolution of these industries over time. These displays include historic vehicles and machinery, illustrating the advancements in technology and Birmingham’s role in these developments.

Healthcare and Medical Sciences

Thinktank addresses the world of healthcare and medical sciences, offering insights into human health, medical technology, and the history of medicine. This section helps demystify medical science and highlights the advancements in healthcare over the centuries.

Hosting Events and Workshops

The museum is dynamic, regularly hosting educational workshops, science shows, and special events. These activities complement the permanent exhibits and provide visitors with additional learning opportunities.

Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum is a hub of learning and discovery. With its interactive exhibits, educational programs, and commitment to making science accessible, it offers an enriching experience for all.

Address – Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham, B4 7XG
Telephone – 0121 348 8000


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