Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Red Panda

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, situated adjacent to the picturesque Cannon Hill Park, is a highly-rated Birmingham visitor attraction.

This modest-sized park is dedicated to the conservation of a range of exotic and endangered species, offering an educational and engaging experience for visitors.

A Haven for Diverse Species

The park is a sanctuary for various animals from across the globe. Among its inhabitants are meerkats, red pandas, and lynxes.

Each enclosure is thoughtfully designed to mirror the natural habitats of these species, ensuring their wellbeing and providing visitors with an authentic glimpse into their lives.

Through interactive exhibits and informative signage, the park raises awareness about the challenges faced by various species in their natural environments, encouraging a deeper understanding and respect for wildlife.

Birds and Reptiles Collection

In addition to mammals, the park is home to an array of birds and reptiles. The aviary hosts diverse bird species, offering insights into their behaviors and habitats. The reptile house, with its varied collection, is a draw for those interested in these often-overlooked creatures.

Family-Friendly and Interactive

The park’s layout is designed to be family-friendly, with pathways and viewing areas that allow close-up encounters with the animals. Play areas for children and picnic spots amidst the greenery make it an ideal family outing destination.

Participation in Research and Conservation

Beyond being a top Birmingham visitor attraction, the Wildlife Conservation Park is actively involved in research and conservation programs. It collaborates with other zoos and conservation bodies, contributing to important research that aids in the protection of animals in the wild.

Seasonal Activities and Events

Throughout the year, the park organizes various events and activities, adding to the visitor experience. These range from educational workshops to seasonal celebrations, making each visit to the park unique and memorable.

For those visiting Birmingham, the park offers a chance to connect with nature and gain insight into the vital work of wildlife conservation, all within an engaging and family-friendly environment.

Address – Pershore Road, Birmingham, B5 7RL
Telephone – 0121 471 4997

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