Blakesley Hall, Birmingham

Blakesley Hall

Built in 1590, this well-preserved Tudor house offers a rare opportunity to experience the living conditions of a prosperous merchant family of that era.

Architectural Features

The hall, with its distinctive timber framing, showcases the craftsmanship of Tudor builders. The structure retains many original features, such as wooden beams, wattle and daub infill, and leaded windows, providing an authentic sense of the period’s architectural style.

The black and white façade of the building is emblematic of Tudor architecture, making it a visual delight for visitors.

Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

Encircling Blakesley Hall are gardens that mirror the Tudor period’s horticultural practices. The herb garden is cultivated with plants used in the 16th century for culinary and medicinal purposes.

The orchard, planted with heritage varieties of fruit trees, add to the historical authenticity of the site.

Interior Exploration

Inside, Blakesley Hall is furnished in the style of the late 16th century, providing an immersive experience into Tudor domestic life.

Each room is carefully curated with period-appropriate furniture, textiles, and household items, reflecting the lifestyle of a wealthy merchant family of the time.

Insight into Birmingham’s Tudor Past

The hall provides a unique perspective on Birmingham’s development, highlighting the role of the merchant class during the Tudor period.

It serves as a testament to the city’s historical evolution from a medieval settlement to a thriving commercial hub.

Visitor Experience

Visiting Blakesley Hall is an experience filled with discovery and learning. The hall offers guided tours, where knowledgeable guides share fascinating stories and facts about the house, its inhabitants, and Tudor Birmingham.

The tranquil gardens and the historically rich interiors provide a serene and insightful journey into the past.

Blakesley Hall is an invaluable resource for understanding Birmingham’s rich heritage and is one of the city’s most important historical attractions.

Address – Blakesley Hall, Blakesley Road, Birmingham, B25 8RN
Telephone – 0121 348 8000

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