Broadway Tower, Worcestershire

Broadway Tower, Broadway

Perched atop the Cotswold escarpment, Broadway Tower is a beloved Worcestershire landmark that beckons visitors with its rich history and breathtaking views.

Rising 65 feet into the sky, this architectural marvel, dating back to the late 18th century and designed by the renowned James Wyatt, offers more than just panoramic vistas; it offers a gateway to Worcestershire’s natural beauty and heritage.

Sweeping Views

Broadway Tower’s claim to fame lies in its unrivalled views that can stretch up to 60-odd miles on a clear day. With the naked-eye, it’s possible to see multiple counties and of course the lush, rolling Cotswold countryside.

A Folly with a Tale

Though it stands today as a celebrated viewpoint, Broadway Tower was originally conceived as a decorative folly—a whimsical architectural creation with no practical purpose. Yet, as time passed, it accrued a fascinating history.

It once housed an observatory and served as a retreat for notable figures like Sir Thomas Phillips. Its story is a testament to the unexpected turns in the life of a structure.

Inside Broadway Tower

Venturing inside Broadway Tower, visitors are welcomed by an informative exhibition spread across its three floors. This exhibition unravels the tower’s history, shedding light on its construction, transformations, and the noteworthy individuals associated with it. It’s an opportunity to step back in time and connect with Worcestershire’s heritage.

The Surrounding Landscape

Beyond the tower’s walls, Broadway Tower is embraced by a picturesque landscape. The adjacent parkland and woodland walks beckon exploration, making it an ideal destination for families, hikers, and nature enthusiasts.

The Cotswold countryside enveloping the tower provides serenity and a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Family-Friendly and More

Broadway Tower caters to visitors of all ages. Families can engage young adventurers with Children’s Activity Packs, ensuring an enjoyable and educational experience. The tower’s Coffee Shop offers a moment of respite, where visitors can savour refreshments while taking in the tower’s ambiance.

Broadway Tower transcends its role as a mere architectural structure; it is a symbol of Worcestershire’s natural beauty and historical legacy. Whether you’re drawn by the panoramic views, the tower’s intriguing history, or the tranquil countryside setting, Broadway Tower promises a memorable visit.

Address -Middle Hill, Broadway, WR12 7LB
Telephone – 01386 852390

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