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Situated in a beautifully restored 16th-century timber-framed building, Clun Museum is not just an exhibit space but a narrative thread that weaves through the town’s past, presenting stories and artefacts from different eras.

Historical Context of Clun

Clun, with its picturesque landscapes and historic landmarks, including the ruins of Clun Castle, has a rich history that the museum aims to encapsulate.

The town’s past is rooted in agriculture, trade, and its strategic location near the Welsh border, which has shaped its development over the centuries.

Inside Clun Museum

The museum collection includes a diverse range of artefacts, from agricultural tools that echo the town’s rural past to household items offering insights into daily life across various periods.

Each piece in the museum’s collection tells a part of Clun’s story, from its early days to the present.

Focus on Agriculture and Rural Life

One significant aspect of the museum is its emphasis on Clun’s agricultural heritage.

Displays of farming equipment and implements used in traditional farming practices highlight the town’s deep connection to the land and rural life.

These exhibits not only showcase the tools of the trade but also pay homage to the hardworking people who have cultivated this land for generations.

Social History and Community Life

Clun Museum also delves into the social history of the town, featuring exhibits that depict the everyday life of its inhabitants.

This includes a collection of vintage photographs, documents, personal items, and even clothing, which collectively paint a vivid picture of the social fabric of Clun over the ages.

Industrial Heritage

The museum doesn’t shy away from showcasing Clun’s industrial past. Exhibits on local trades and crafts, such as weaving and blacksmithing, illustrate the town’s evolution from an agricultural community to one that embraced various forms of industry.

Architectural Evolution

Clun’s architectural history, particularly its iconic structures like Clun Bridge and Clun Castle, is well-represented in the museum.

Models, photographs, and historical accounts offer visitors a glimpse into these landmarks’ past and their significance in the town’s development.

Community Involvement

Run by a team of dedicated local volunteers, Clun Museum is a product of the community’s passion and commitment to preserving its history.

These volunteers not only manage the day-to-day operations but also engage in research and curation, ensuring that the museum remains a dynamic and evolving space.

A Gateway to the Past

Clun Museum serves as a gateway to the past, providing insights into the town’s historical journey.

It is a place where history enthusiasts can delve into detailed accounts of the past, families can learn about their local heritage, and visitors can gain a deeper understanding of this quaint Shropshire town.

In summary, Clun Museum is a vital repository of local history, encapsulating the essence of Clun and its surrounding areas.

Through its extensive collection and engaging displays, it offers a unique perspective on the town’s past, making it an essential visit for anyone looking for historical Shropshire attractions.

Address – 14 The Square, Clun, Craven Arms, SY7 8JA
Telephone – 01588 640 401


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