Croft Castle and Parkland, Herefordshire

Croft Castle and Parkland, Yarpole

Croft Castle invites visitors on an enchanting journey through the tapestry of England’s history, set against the backdrop of Herefordshire’s stunning landscapes.

This National Trust estate, with a heritage dating back to the Norman era, beautifully encapsulates the enduring legacy of the English gentry. The surrounding parkland, a lush expanse of natural beauty, further enriches the experience with its verdant allure.

This captivating castle seamlessly melds medieval and Georgian architectural styles, reflecting the long and storied history of the Croft family, who have called this place home for over a millennium.

Within its walls, each room is a treasure trove of the past, elegantly furnished with antiques, adorned with family portraits, and filled with historical artefacts, each piece contributing to the narrative of this illustrious family and their ancestral home.

The ambiance of Croft Castle is one of timeless elegance, offering a window into the lives of those who shaped its history.

The Majesty of Parkland

Encircling the castle, the expansive parkland is a testament to the beauty of the English countryside. It encompasses over 1,500 acres of diverse habitats, including ancient woodland, historic orchards, and traditional farmland.

The parkland is crisscrossed with walking trails that meander through scenic vistas and lead to hidden corners of the estate, inviting exploration and discovery.

Veteran Trees and Woodland Walks

Among the most notable features of the parkland are its veteran trees, some of which are centuries old, including the iconic Quarry Oak.

These trees are not just natural wonders but also living monuments to the estate’s enduring legacy. The woodlands are rich in biodiversity, offering a haven for wildlife and a peaceful retreat for nature lovers.

The Walled Garden

The walled garden at Croft Castle is a horticultural delight. This enclosed space, brimming with vibrant flowers, fragrant herbs, and an array of vegetables, is a celebration of traditional English gardening.

The adjoining orchard, with its heritage fruit varieties, adds to the garden’s charm and underscores the estate’s commitment to preserving agricultural history.

The St. Michael and All Angels Church

St. Michael and All Angels Church stands adjacent to the castle and is an historic building in its own right. With origins dating back to the 11th century, the church features beautiful stained glass, intricate woodwork, and monuments to the Croft family, adding another layer to the estate’s rich tapestry of history.

A Destination for All

Croft Castle and Parkland is a destination that appeals to a wide range of interests. Whether it’s delving into England’s historical heritage, enjoying the tranquility of nature, or simply seeking a family day out, the estate offers something for everyone.

Croft Castle and Parkland is more than just a historical site; it’s a living, breathing entity that seamlessly blends the past with the present. This estate is one that encapsulates the essence of England’s storied past and vibrant natural tapestry.

Address – Yarpole, Leominster HR6 9PW
Telephone – 01568 780246

Image: Chris Lacey,

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