Droitwich Spa Lido, Worcestershire

Outdoor Pool

In the heart of Worcestershire, Droitwich Spa Lido is a popular outdoor swimming facility. This saltwater lido, a rarity in the UK, has been a cornerstone of summer leisure in Droitwich Spa since the 1930s.

Historical Significance

The Droitwich Spa Lido, opened in the 1930s, is a testament to the town’s rich history in salt production and spa culture. The Lido’s design reflects the Art Deco style prevalent during its inception, creating an ambiance of historical elegance.

This outdoor pool has been a pivotal part of the community for decades, preserving the town’s legacy as a centre of saltwater bathing, once believed to have therapeutic properties.

The Lido Experience

The Droitwich Spa Lido provides a distinctive swimming experience. The 40-metre saltwater pool, rare in the UK, is a highlight. The water is maintained at a comfortable 23°C, suitable for various weather conditions.

The pool’s size accommodates leisure swimmers and serious lap swimmers alike. For younger visitors, a dedicated wet play area adds to the fun, ensuring a family-friendly environment.

Facilities and Amenities

There’s a large sun terrace that’s perfect for relaxing and sunbathing, as well as an on-site café that serves an assortment of snacks and refreshments. The facility also includes changing rooms and lockers, ensuring convenience and security for personal belongings.

Community and Activities

The Lido is not just a swimming pool but a hub of community activity. Throughout the season, various events and activities are organised, catering to different age groups and interests. From early morning swim sessions to family fun days, the Lido’s calendar is bustling with opportunities to engage with the community and enjoy the facility in diverse ways.

Environmental and Health Aspects

Droitwich Spa Lido not only provides leisure and entertainment but also contributes to environmental awareness and health. The use of naturally sourced saltwater offers a more eco-friendly swimming option compared to heavily chlorinated pools.

Additionally, swimming in saltwater is known for its health benefits, including improved skin condition and stress reduction.

Visiting the Lido

The lido operates from late May to early September – so visitors are advised to check the Lido’s official website for up-to-date information on opening times, ticket prices, and any special events or closures.

Droitwich Spa Lido, with its modern facilities, and the rare feature of saltwater swimming makes it a standout attraction in Worcestershire. Whether for a refreshing swim, a day out with the family, or simply to soak in the sun, Droitwich Spa Lido promises a memorable visit.

Address – Lido Park, Worcester Road, Droitwich Spa, Droitwich, WR9 8AA
Telephone – 01905 799342


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