Evesham Vale Light Railway, Worcestershire

Evesham Vale Light Railway, Evesham

In the picturesque setting of Evesham Country Park, Worcestershire, the Evesham Vale Light Railway (EVLR) offers a charming excursion for visitors of all ages. This light railway, a 15-inch gauge track, extends over a mile through the Vale of Evesham, presenting a delightful way to explore the area’s natural beauty.

The Railway Experience

The journey on the Evesham Vale Light Railway is a step back into a bygone era of steam locomotion. The railway operates both steam and diesel locomotives, meticulously maintained to recreate the traditional railway experience.

Passengers are treated to views of the lush Worcestershire countryside, including sprawling orchards and tranquil woodlands, as they meander along the track. The journey, typically lasting around 15 minutes, is both relaxing and visually engaging, making it a favourite among families and train enthusiasts.

Operational Days and Special Events

EVLR runs mainly on weekends and during school holidays, aligning perfectly with family outings and leisure trips. Additionally, the railway hosts special events throughout the year, including themed rides for holidays and seasonal celebrations.

Evesham Vale Station

Each journey on the EVLR begins and concludes at Evesham Vale Station. This quaint station, designed in a style reminiscent of traditional British railways, serves as the perfect starting point for the scenic tour. The station area, equipped with facilities and amenities, provides a comfortable space for visitors to relax before or after their train ride.

Exploring Evesham Country Park

Beyond the railway, Evesham Country Park offers a range of activities and attractions. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, explore local craft shops, or dine at one of the park’s eateries. The country park setting ensures that a visit to the EVLR can be part of a broader day out, encompassing outdoor exploration and relaxation.

Educational Aspect and Heritage

The Evesham Vale Light Railway is not just a recreational attraction; it also serves an educational purpose. It offers a glimpse into the history of railway transport in the region and the technological advancements in locomotive engineering.

The railway preserves a piece of transport heritage, making it a valuable educational resource for younger visitors and a nostalgic journey for older generations.

A Unique Attraction in Worcestershire

In summary, the Evesham Vale Light Railway presents a unique and enjoyable experience in the heart of Worcestershire. Combining the charm of traditional railways with the beauty of the Vale of Evesham, it offers an appealing attraction for both local residents and tourists.

Whether as a stand-alone visit or part of a larger exploration of Evesham Country Park, a ride on the EVLR is a memorable way to experience the scenic splendour of Worcestershire.

Address -The Valley, Evesham, WR11 4DS
Telephone – 01386 422282

Image: eveshamvalelightrailway.co.uk

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