F1® Arcade Birmingham, Chamberlain Square

F1 Simulator

F1® Arcade Birmingham, a novel and exhilarating venue, offers a distinctively immersive Formula 1 racing experience.

Situated in Birmingham’s vibrant heart, this establishment merges the thrill of F1 racing with innovative simulation technology, creating a unique attraction for both racing aficionados and casual visitors.

Advanced Racing Simulators

The standout feature of F1® Arcade Birmingham is its array of advanced racing simulators. These high-tech machines provide an incredibly realistic driving experience, mimicking the sensations and challenges of driving a Formula 1 car.

Participants can select from various virtual tracks, meticulously recreated to resemble some of the most iconic F1 circuits worldwide. All skill-levels are catered for, from seasoned racers to novices.

Social and Competitive Edge

Beyond its simulation prowess, F1® Arcade Birmingham is a vibrant social space. The venue encourages friendly competition, allowing groups to challenge each other in races, fostering an environment of camaraderie and fun.

Relaxing Bar and Lounge

Complementing the racing experience is the venue’s stylish bar and lounge area. Here, visitors can unwind and socialize over drinks and light snacks.

The lounge is designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere where guests can recount their racing experiences, making it a pleasant spot for post-race relaxation and socializing.

Modern and Welcoming Ambiance

F1® Arcade Birmingham prides itself on its contemporary and inviting ambiance. The venue is thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall experience, from the sleek layout of the simulators to the comfortable lounge areas.

Attention to detail in the design reflects the excitement and glamour associated with Formula 1 racing.

Engagement and Team Building

The arcade also stands out as a novel venue for corporate events and team-building activities.

It offers a unique setting for companies seeking an unconventional yet engaging experience for their teams, combining elements of fun, strategy, and teamwork.

Whether for passionate F1 fans or those seeking an exciting new activity, F1® presents an unforgettable adventure and is one of the most unique and entertaining Birmingham attractions you’ll likely come across.

Address – 2 Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, B3 3AX
Telephone – 0121 227 4010

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