Foxfield Railway, Staffordshire

Foxfield Railway

Foxfield Railway is a living museum that offers an immersive journey into the world of vintage locomotives.

A Living Relic

Originally conceived to serve the coal mining industry, the Foxfield Railway has evolved into a precious custodian of railway heritage.

It boasts an exquisite collection of lovingly restored locomotives such as the Bellerophon, the Rom River and restored Victorian carriages known as the ‘Knotty Coaches‘. These provide visitors with a tangible connection to a bygone era.

Scenic Reverie

What sets the Foxfield Railway apart is its scenic route that winds through the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Passengers are treated to vistas of rolling hills, lush meadows, and picturesque hamlets. The journey is an immersive encounter with the natural beauty of Staffordshire.

Stepping into Yesteryears

The rhythmic clatter of iron wheels on tracks, the hiss of steam, and the nostalgic scent of coal evoke the romance of steam locomotion from a bygone era.

Stewards of Heritage

The railway’s existence is a testament to the unwavering dedication of railway enthusiasts and volunteers who have painstakingly restored and maintained these historic locomotives.

Their passion for preserving railway heritage shines through in every puff of steam and every turn of the wheel.

Appealing to All

Foxfield Railway welcomes visitors of all ages. Families, couples, and individuals can enjoy special events, themed rides, and hands-on experiences, making it an inclusive destination for everyone.

Beyond its role as a picturesque attraction, the Foxfield Railway serves as an educational hub. Visitors can delve into the inner workings of steam locomotives, discover the rich history of railways, and gain insights into the painstaking efforts required to maintain these majestic machines.

Securing the Legacy

In contemporary times, the Foxfield Railway remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard and share its historical treasures.

It hosts special exhibitions, and organizes events that engage visitors of all ages, ensuring that the legacy of steam locomotion is preserved for future generations.

It beckons visitors to saviour the beauty of the Staffordshire Moorlands, relive the charm of vintage travel, and appreciate the dedicated efforts that sustain our railway heritage.

Address – Foxfield Railway Station, Caverswall Road, Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent, ST11 9BG
Telephone – 01782 396 210





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