Harvington Hall, Worcestershire


Harvington Hall stands as a remarkable example of Elizabethan architecture and history. This moated manor, primarily built in the 1580s, is a hidden gem that offers a unique glimpse into England’s past, particularly during the religious conflicts of the Elizabethan era.

Architectural Significance

Harvington Hall’s architecture is a captivating blend of Tudor and Elizabethan styles. The building’s framework and design elements, including oak panelling and original Elizabethan wall paintings, have been exceptionally well-preserved.

These features not only highlight the artistic craftsmanship of the period but also offer a vivid portrayal of the lifestyle during the late 16th century. The Hall’s historical significance is further enhanced by its collection of priest hides, secret compartments used to conceal

Catholic priests during times of persecution. These priest holes are among the best-preserved examples in England, offering a tangible connection to the era’s religious turbulence.

Exploring the Interior

A tour of Harvington Hall is akin to stepping back in time. Each room in the manor tells a different story, with furnishings and decorations that reflect the period’s aesthetics and the Hall’s own unique history.

Visitors can explore various rooms, each offering a different aspect of Elizabethan life and the Hall’s past occupants.

The Gardens

Surrounding the manor is a series of gardens, modest yet beautifully maintained. These gardens not only provide a tranquil setting for the historic house but also reflect the horticultural practices of the era.

Walking through the gardens, visitors can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the blend of traditional English garden design with the natural beauty of the Worcestershire countryside.

The Importance of Harvington Hall

Harvington Hall It serves as a reminder of the country’s religious and social history, particularly during a time of significant upheaval. It really is a must-visit for anyone interested in English history, architecture, or simply looking for an engaging day out in Worcestershire.

Address -Harvington Hall Lane, Harvington, Kidderminster, DY10 4LR
Telephone – 01562 777846

Image: harvingtonhall.co.uk

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