Hatton Country World, Warwickshire

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Hatton Country World stands as a multifaceted rural attraction, offering an enriching blend of leisure, education, and shopping experiences.

This unique destination, situated near the quaint village of Hatton, is an ideal spot for families and individuals seeking a diverse and enjoyable day out in a pastoral setting.

The Farm Park: A Blend of Fun and Learning

At the heart of Hatton Country World is the Farm Park, a delightful area where visitors can interact with a variety of farm animals. This immersive experience provides a window into farm life, offering educational insights into animal husbandry and agriculture.

It’s particularly engaging for children, who can participate in activities like animal feeding, pony rides, and interactive farmyard experiences, fostering a connection with nature and understanding of rural life.

Adventure World: Thrills and Outdoor Fun

Adjacent to the Farm Park is Adventure World, a hub of excitement and outdoor activities. Here, visitors of all ages can indulge in a range of thrilling attractions, including pedal go-karts, a high-energy adventure maze, and outdoor laser combat games.

Shopping Village: A Showcase of Local Craftsmanship

The Shopping Village at Hatton Country World adds a unique shopping experience to the mix. Home to an array of independent shops and boutiques, it offers a variety of products from local artisans and producers.

Visitors can find everything from handmade crafts, artisanal foods, and unique gifts, to home and garden decor. This shopping experience not only supports local businesses but also allows guests to take a piece of Warwickshire’s rich artisanal culture home with them.

Seasonal Events and Festive Celebrations

Hatton Country World is renowned for its seasonal events and celebrations, which add a festive touch to the visitor experience. From Easter egg hunts and Halloween festivities to magical Christmas markets, these events are tailored to offer enjoyable experiences for every season, making each visit unique.

A Picturesque Setting for Relaxation and Exploration

The idyllic setting of Hatton Country World, with its rolling hills and green landscapes, offers more than just activities. It’s a place for relaxation, picnics, and leisurely strolls, where visitors can unwind and enjoy the beauty of the Warwickshire countryside.

Whether it’s for a family day out, an educational visit, or simply to enjoy the outdoors, Hatton Country World offers something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination in Warwickshire.

Address – Dark Lane, Hatton, Warwick, CV35 8XA
Telephone – 01926 843411

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