Jackfield Tile Museum, Shropshire

Old Tiles

Jackfield Tile Museum offers an intriguing window into the world of ceramic tile production – a craft that has significantly shaped both the artistic and industrial landscapes of Britain.

This museum, set in a beautifully restored Victorian tile factory in the village of Jackfield, forms part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, a UNESCO World Heritage Site celebrated for its pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution.

The Birth of the Museum

The Jackfield Tile Museum stands on the site of the former Craven Dunnill Factory, one of the world’s leading tile manufacturers in the Victorian era.

This location was carefully chosen to showcase the rich history of tile making in Jackfield and the surrounding area.

It’s a region historically known for its abundant clay deposits and the River Severn’s transportation network.

A Treasure Trove of Tiles

As visitors step into Jackfield Tile Museum, they are immediately enveloped in a world of intricate and colourful designs.

The museum houses an exceptional assortment of decorative tiles, showcasing a wide spectrum of periods and artistic styles.

The exhibits within the museum beautifully chronicle the journey of tile-making from its origins as a skilled artisan craft to its eventual status as a significant industrial enterprise in the Victorian era.

This transition is vividly portrayed through the collection, highlighting not just the technological innovations that propelled the industry forward but also the artistic movements and styles that influenced tile designs.

Each tile in the museum serves as a piece of the larger mosaic of history, illustrating the dynamic evolution of this unique art form.

The Art and Craft of Tile Making

The museum not only displays finished tiles but also delves into the manufacturing process. Visitors can explore the various techniques used in tile production, such as encaustic, transfer printing, and hand painting.

The museum also features original tools, machinery, and molds, providing a comprehensive overview of the tile-making process from raw clay to finished product.

Victorian Elegance and Style

One of the most captivating aspects of the museum is its recreation of period room settings adorned with ornate tiles.

These settings transport visitors back to the Victorian era, showcasing how tiles were used to add elegance and style to homes, public buildings, and places of worship.

The museum effectively demonstrates the role of tiles in interior decoration, from grandiose public spaces to the intimate settings of Victorian homes.

A Hub for Art and History Enthusiasts

Art and history enthusiasts find the museum particularly appealing, as it provides insights into the aesthetic trends and industrial advancements of past centuries.

The museum’s vast collection attracts scholars, artists, and casual visitors alike. It offers a fascinating insight into the art of tile-making the impact it left on our culture.

Address – Salthouse Road, Telford, TF8 7LJ
Telephone – 01952 884 762

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