Mary Arden’s Farm, Warwickshire

Mary Arden's Farm, Wilmcote

Mary Arden’s Farm offers a vivid journey back to 16th-century rural England. This historic farmstead, the childhood home of William Shakespeare’s mother, Mary Arden, is a living museum that meticulously recreates the life and times of the Tudor era.

Historical Significance

Mary Arden’s Farm holds a special place in history, not just as the home of Shakespeare’s mother but as a well-preserved example of a Tudor-era farm. It provides valuable insights into the agrarian lifestyle that shaped one of the world’s most influential literary figures.

A Tudor Farm Brought to Life

The farm, operated by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, is an authentic representation of a working Tudor farm. The staff, dressed in period costumes, perform daily tasks and crafts true to the era.

Visitors can witness falconry, goose herding, blacksmithing, and traditional cooking methods, all performed using techniques and tools from the period.

Rare Breeds and Tudor Agriculture

True to its heritage, the farm maintains a variety of animals that were common in Tudor times, including rare breeds of sheep, cows, pigs, and poultry. These animals play a crucial role in demonstrating Tudor farming practices and animal husbandry.

The Farmhouse and Domestic Life

The heart of Mary Arden’s Farm is the original farmhouse, a beautifully preserved building where Mary Arden herself once lived. Here, visitors can step into rooms furnished with authentic Tudor furniture.

There are also household items, providing a glimpse into domestic life of the era. The kitchen, with its open hearth, is particularly evocative, showing how meals were prepared and cooked.

Gardens and Orchards

The farm’s gardens and orchards are planted with species typical of the Tudor period. These areas are not only beautiful but also educational, showcasing the types of plants that were grown for food, medicine, and household use during the 16th century.

Educational Workshops and Demonstrations

Mary Arden’s Farm offers a range of educational workshops and demonstrations, making it an ideal destination for families and school groups. These activities are designed to be interactive and informative, providing insights into Tudor life, agriculture, and culinary practices.

Seasonal Activities and Events

Throughout the year, the farm hosts various seasonal activities and events that reflect the Tudor calendar. From harvest festivals to traditional Tudor Christmases, these events offer a deeper immersion into the customs and celebrations of the time.

The Falconry Display

A highlight for many visitors is the falconry display, where trained birds of prey are flown. This practice, popular in Tudor times, offers a thrilling spectacle while educating visitors about the role of falconry in Tudor society.

A Connection to Shakespeare

For Shakespeare enthusiasts, Mary Arden’s Farm offers a unique connection to the Bard. Understanding the rural environment in which his mother was raised provides context to many themes and references found in Shakespeare’s works.

Mary Arden’s Farm provides a unique perspective on the world that influenced William Shakespeare. For anyone visiting Warwickshire, Mary Arden’s Farm is an essential and enriching destination.

Address – Station Road, Wilmcote, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 9UN
Telephone – 01789 338535


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