Rodbaston Animal Zone, Staffordshire


Rodbaston Animal Zone is a hidden gem that beckons with the allure of the animal kingdom. This captivating haven, part of the South Staffordshire College campus, offers a unique opportunity for visitors to embark on a memorable journey, delving into the rich tapestry of life on Earth.

A Symphony of Life

At Rodbaston Animal Zone, nature’s symphony comes alive. The zone is a vibrant menagerie, home to a captivating ensemble of creatures from various corners of the world.

From the enchanting elegance of meerkats and lemurs to the rustic charm of farmyard residents, every visit promises a mesmerizing encounter with the diverse inhabitants of our planet.

Education in Every Footstep

What sets Rodbaston Animal Zone apart is its unwavering dedication to education and conservation.

Engaging exhibits and enlightening presentations shine a spotlight on topics such as animal conservation, the intricatehabitats, and the pressing importance of biodiversity.

Up Close and Personal

A highlight of any visit to Rodbaston Animal Zone is the chance for up-close encounters with the animal residents.

Visitors have the privilege of getting nose to nose with some of the creatures, forging connections that leave lasting impressions.

These interactions provide a profound appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of the animal kingdom.

Nature’s Serenity at Rodbaston College

Rodbaston Animal Zone enjoys an idyllic setting within the tranquil grounds of Rodbaston College.

The serene surroundings create a harmonious backdrop, ensuring that both the animals and their human guests can revel in a peaceful oasis where nature takes centre stage.

Championing Animal Welfare

Animal welfare stands as a guiding principle at Rodbaston Animal Zone. A dedicated team of professionals ensures that each resident receives the highest standard of care. This commitment to the well-being of the animals is a testament to the zone’s mission.

A Dynamic Hub of Learning

For school groups and those eager to expand their knowledge, Rodbaston Animal Zone offers a dynamic learning environment.

The attraction’s educational programs seamlessly align with the national curriculum, offering students a hands-on opportunity to delve into biology, ecology, and the wonders of the natural world.

These immersive experiences often spark a lifelong passion for wildlife and conservation.

A Calendar of Delights

Throughout the year, Rodbaston Animal Zone plays host to a delightful array of events and activities.

These cater to visitors of all ages, offering everything from themed exhibits and animal-themed workshops to seasonal festivities.

Rodbaston Animal Zone promises a profound journey into the heart of the animal kingdom. It’s a sanctuary where the marvels of nature unfold, and where the urgency of protecting Earth’s creatures comes alive in an unforgettable and meaningful way.

Address – South Staffordshire College, Rodbaston Dr, Penkridge, Stafford, ST19 5PH
Telephone – 01785 710560

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