Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University


In the bustling city of Birmingham, the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire stands as a distinguished institution for music and dramatic arts.

Affiliated with Birmingham City University, this conservatoire is renowned for its comprehensive education in the performing arts. Its modern facilities and innovative teaching methods make it a beacon for aspiring artists.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The conservatoire’s architecture is a marvel, blending contemporary design with functional elegance.

The centrepiece is a 500-seat concert hall, acclaimed for its exceptional acoustics.

The building houses various performance spaces, including a black box theatre, organ studio, and over 70 practice rooms. These facilities provide students with an ideal environment to hone their craft.

Courses and Programmes

Offering a wide range of courses, the conservatoire caters to a spectrum of artistic pursuits. Music education spans classical, jazz, and electronic music.

Acting and performance courses are equally diverse, covering theatre, screen acting, and stage management.

The conservatoire’s approach to teaching balances traditional techniques with cutting-edge practices, ensuring students are well-equipped for the evolving arts landscape.

Faculty and Student Talent

The faculty comprises experienced professionals, each an expert in their respective field. Their guidance is invaluable in shaping the skills and careers of students.

The student body is diverse, with talents converging from various parts of the world, creating a rich cultural tapestry. This diversity fosters a unique learning environment, where students not only learn from their tutors but also from each other.

Performances and Events

Public performances at the conservatoire are a window into the world of professional arts. Regular concerts, recitals, and plays are held, showcasing the exceptional talent of students and staff.

These events are not just educational exercises but are often of a standard that rivals professional productions.

The conservatoire also hosts masterclasses and workshops led by renowned artists, offering students and the public an opportunity to engage with the arts at a higher level.

Community Engagement

Beyond its educational role, the conservatoire is deeply committed to community outreach. Various programmes are designed to make the arts accessible to wider audiences.

These include collaborative projects with local schools, community workshops, and open events. This engagement enriches Birmingham’s cultural scene and fosters a love for the arts in the community.

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire is a hub of artistic creativity and a key contributor to Birmingham’s cultural identity.

Address – 200 Jennens Rd, Birmingham B4 7XR
Telephone – 0121 331 5901

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