Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre, Herefordshire

Pygmy Goat

In the lush county of Herefordshire, the Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre is a celebration of nature’s diversity.

It’s a sanctuary where the diminutive and the rare command attention, a place where conservation intertwines with education, creating an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

Miniature Marvels

The park is a haven for a variety of miniature breeds, each with its own charm. Shetland ponies trot with an air of elegance, while the amiable Kune Kune pigs offer a friendly grunt to those who pass by.

The farm provides a unique opportunity to appreciate these animals up close, in an environment that replicates their natural habitats as closely as possible.

Feathered Friends

The Owl Centre is a highlight, home to a splendid collection of owls from across the globe.

The silent swoop of an owl in flight is a mesmerising experience, made even more magical by the passionate keepers who share fascinating facts and stories about these nocturnal hunters.

Conservation at Heart

At the core of the centre’s ethos is the preservation of these small breeds. Many are rare, some facing the threat of extinction, making the centre’s role in their protection crucial.

Through breeding programs and educational efforts, the park advocates for the vitality of these species.

Educational Encounters

The park is a treasure trove of learning opportunities. Interactive sessions, such as animal feeding times, not only delight but also educate visitors on the care and feeding of these creatures. The centre’s commitment to education fosters a deeper understanding and respect for animal life.

A Family Experience

The park is tailored for family enjoyment. Children and adults alike find joy in the hands-on experiences, whether it’s petting a soft-furred rabbit or observing the owls at close quarters.

It’s an outing that promises not just fun, but also a connection with nature that’s both enriching and enlightening.

Sustainable Enjoyment

In creating a space where visitors can engage with animals responsibly, the centre ensures a sustainable approach to tourism.

The park’s practices are designed to minimise environmental impact, ensuring that the beauty of Herefordshire’s countryside is preserved for future generations.

The Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre is a place where the harmony between humans and nature is palpable.

Address – Kingswood Road, Kington HR5 3HF
Telephone – 01544 231 109

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