The Coffin Works, Birmingham

The Coffin Works, Jewellery Quarter

The Coffin Works presents a distinct chapter in the city’s history. This former Newman Brothers factory, now a carefully conserved museum, once produced elaborate coffin fittings, playing a vital role in the funerary industry.

The Factory’s Heritage

Established in the late 19th century, Newman Brothers became synonymous with quality in coffin design, contributing to significant funerals, including those of Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother.

The factory’s cessation in the late 1990s marked the end of an era, leading to its transformation into a museum.

A Window to Industrial Birmingham

Preserving its original state, The Coffin Works museum is a living exhibit of industrial life. Visitors can walk through the production areas, where machinery and tools remain in situ, mirroring a typical working day.

The administrative offices, complete with period furnishings, provide a broader context of the era’s business practices.

Insight into Manufacturing Processes

The museum vividly demonstrates the coffin hardware manufacturing process, from raw materials to the finished products. It highlights the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that were hallmarks of Newman Brothers’ production.

Role in the Jewellery Quarter Community

As a cultural landmark, The Coffin Works also contributes to the Jewellery Quarter’s community life. Hosting various cultural events and exhibitions, it has become a hub for local engagement, intertwining history with contemporary culture.

The Coffin Works offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of coffin fitting. This museum is not just a place of preservation; it’s a portal to the past, bringing a unique industrial story to life.

Address – 13-15 Fleet Street, Birmingham, B3 1JP
Telephone – 0121 233 4790


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