The Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction, Herefordshire


Tucked away in the picturesque market town of Bromyard, Herefordshire, The Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction is a hidden sanctuary for science fiction lovers.

This unique museum, dedicated to the rich tapestry of sci-fi in television and film, offers a nostalgic and educational journey into this imaginative world.

A Treasure Trove of Memorabilia

Upon entering The Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction in Bromyard, you find yourself stepping into an enchanting world of fantasy and exploration.

The museum boasts a remarkable collection of science fiction memorabilia, with a special emphasis on the beloved British TV series “Doctor Who.”

 Enthusiasts of the show will be thrilled to discover an array of original props, costumes, and models, each piece rich with its own unique history and importance within the expansive universe of science fiction.

Doctor Who and Beyond

While “Doctor Who” forms the centerpiece of the collection, the museum’s scope extends far beyond. It features a diverse range of artefacts from other classic science fiction series and films.

This includes items from “Star Trek,” “Red Dwarf,” and “Blake’s 7,” offering a comprehensive look at the evolution of the genre.

An Interactive Experience

The Time Machine Museum is designed to be more than a place to view memorabilia; it’s an interactive experience.

Exhibits are thoughtfully curated with audio-visual elements that bring the stories to life. This immersive approach allows visitors to feel as though they are part of the sci-fi narratives they have come to love.

Intimate and Personal

One of the museum’s charms is its intimate setting. Unlike larger, more commercial museums, it offers a personal exploration of its exhibits.

This environment is perfect for both avid collectors and those new to the world of science fiction, providing a space where all can appreciate the genre’s artistry and imagination.

A Must-Visit Destination

In summary, The Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction in Bromyard stands as an essential destination for all who cherish the allure of science fiction.

Its fusion of nostalgic treasures, educational insights, and engaging interactive exhibits renders it a standout attraction in Herefordshire.

Address – 12 The Square, Bromyard, HR7 4BP
Telephone – 01885 488 329

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