Trentham Monkey Forest, Staffordshire

Trentham Monkey Forest, Trentham

Trentham Monkey Forest is a unique and captivating wildlife attraction. This 60-acre forest sanctuary is home to 140 Barbary macaques, offering visitors an unparalleled opportunity to observe these fascinating primates in a setting that closely mimics their natural habitat.

Immersive Experience in the Heart of Nature

The essence of Trentham Monkey Forest is its immersive experience. As visitors stroll along the ¾ mile pathway that winds through the forest, they find themselves sharing the space with the free-roaming monkeys.

This proximity allows for an up-close encounter, providing a rare glimpse into the daily lives and behaviors of these engaging creatures.

Educational Endeavour

Beyond the unique experience of walking among the monkeys, the forest serves an educational purpose.

Informative displays along the pathway and regular feeding talks by expert guides offer insights into the biology, social behaviour, and conservation of Barbary macaques.

These educational aspects underscore the forest’s role in international conservation efforts, particularly in protecting this endangered species.

A Day at Trentham Monkey Forest

A visit to Trentham Monkey Forest is an enjoyable day out for all ages. The experience begins at the entrance with an educational video, setting the scene for what to expect and how to respectfully observe the monkeys.

As guests venture into the forest, they encounter monkeys roaming, playing, grooming, and interacting in their troops – behaviours that reflect their natural way of life in the wild.

The Forest’s Role in Conservation

Trentham Monkey Forest is actively involved in conservation, particularly in the breeding of Barbary macaques.

The forest’s efforts contribute to the global plan to preserve this species, which faces threats in its native habitats in North Africa.

Through its conservation work, the forest not only provides a safe haven for these monkeys but also raises awareness about the challenges they face in the wild.

Engaging and Educational for Young Visitors

The forest is particularly appealing to younger visitors, offering an engaging educational experience.

The adventure playground is a highlight for children, providing a space for play and exploration. Educational talks and feeding sessions are tailored to be family-friendly, making learning about conservation both fun and fascinating.

Refreshments and Relaxation

There’s also an on-site café offering refreshments and hot snacks. Picnic areas are also available, if you’d prefer to bring your own food.

Trentham Monkey Forest

Trentham Monkey Forest offers a memorable day out but also plays a crucial role in the conservation of an endangered species – a top Staffordshire visitor attraction.

Address – Trentham Estate, Stone Road, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 8AY
Telephone – 01782 659 845

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