West Midland Safari Park, Worcestershire

West Midland Safari Park, Bewdley

In Bewdley, Worcestershire, lies the West Midland Safari Park, a remarkable destination offering an unparalleled wildlife experience. This expansive park is a fusion of adventure, conservation, and family entertainment, making it an exceptional visit for those exploring the heart of England.

The Safari Adventure

The park’s signature feature is its self-drive safari, a journey through diverse habitats hosting an array of wild animals. Visitors can marvel at the sight of majestic lions, amble alongside herds of African elephants, and witness the swift grace of cheetahs. Each zone within the safari is carefully designed to replicate the natural environments of these animals, providing an authentic and educational glimpse into their world.

Beyond the Safari Drive

After the exhilarating safari drive, the adventure continues on foot. The park boasts several immersive exhibits, such as the Penguin Cove and Hippo Lake, offering close encounters with various species. Additionally, the Land of the Living Dinosaurs brings prehistoric creatures to life, captivating visitors of all ages.

Amusement and Thrills

Complementing the wildlife experience, the park includes a vibrant amusement area. This section features a variety of rides, from gentle attractions for younger children to exhilarating roller coasters for thrill-seekers. These rides provide a perfect balance, allowing visitors to enjoy a full day of both educational and recreational activities.

Conservation and Education Initiatives

West Midland Safari Park is committed to wildlife conservation and education. The park is involved in several global conservation projects and offers educational sessions that highlight the importance of preserving natural habitats and wildlife. These initiatives underscore the park’s dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and animal conservation.

Seasonal Festivities

Throughout the year, the park transforms to host seasonal events, adding a festive touch to the visitor experience. From the spooky Halloween festivities to magical winter wonderlands, these events offer unique and memorable experiences for families and visitors.

Refreshments and Souvenirs

The park caters to all needs with its array of dining options and souvenir shops. Whether looking for a quick snack or a leisurely meal, visitors have various choices. The souvenir shops offer a range of merchandise, perfect for mementos of a memorable day.

Visitor Information

West Midland Safari Park, conveniently located and accessible, is an ideal day out for individuals and families – it’s an experience that brings together the thrill of a safari with the joy of a family outing, ensuring a day full of discovery, learning, and enjoyment.

Address – Spring Grove, Bewdley, DY12 1LF

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