Zip World, Shropshire

Zip Line

Zip World Telford stands is a hidden treasure, promising an adrenaline-fuelled adventure for those in search of a heart-pounding experience.

This unique Shropshire attraction, offers a high-thrill escapade that combines the rush of soaring through the air with the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The Zip Line Adventure

At Zip World Telford, visitors are in for a one-of-a-kind experience as they take to the skies on a series of exhilarating zip lines.

What sets this adventure apart is the breathtaking scenery that unfolds beneath as you zip along. It’s a perfect fusion of high-octane action and natural beauty, creating a moment that is as awe-inspiring as it is heart-pounding.

A Thrill for All

Zip World Telford caters to adventurers of all levels. The attraction offers a variety of zip line experiences, allowing visitors to choose the level of intensity that suits them best.

It’s an adventure that transcends age and experience, making it a fantastic outing for families, friends, or solo explorers.

Scenic Beauty

As you soar through the air at Zip World you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The picturesque Shropshire countryside unfolds beneath you, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your adventure. It’s a visual feast that adds an extra layer of wonder to your high-flying experience.

Conquer the Skies

Zip World Telford doesn’t just offer an adrenaline rush; it creates lasting memories. The exhilaration of conquering the skies, the awe-inspiring vistas, and the sense of achievement make every visit unforgettable.

It’s an adventure that leaves you with not only a rush of adrenaline but also enduring stories to share.

With its commitment to safety, the variety of experiences it offers, and the stunning landscapes it showcases, Zip World Telford promises an unforgettable adventure for visitors of all backgrounds and interests.

It’s a destination where you can test your limits, create cherished memories, and experience the thrill of soaring to new heights.

Address – Unnamed Road, Telford, TF3 4EH
Telephone – 07929 852 998

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