Beverley Westwood, East Riding

Beverley Westwood, Beverley

Beverley Westwood has been integral to the community for centuries, serving as common pasture land. This tradition has moulded the Westwood’s identity, ensuring it remains a shared space for everyone.

The tradition of grazing cattle, a practice rooted deep in history, still continues, reinforcing the age-old bond between the land and its people.

Natural Splendours

As one traverses the Westwood, its diverse ecosystem becomes evident. Verdant meadows merge with sporadic clusters of woodlands, creating a sanctuary for various wildlife.

The ponds that dot the landscape are a haven for aquatic life, while birds serenade from the canopy above.

 Each season paints the Westwood in different hues, from the golden tones of autumn to the blossoming vibrancy of spring.

The Iconic Black Mill

Overlooking the common, the Black Mill stands as a testament to the area’s agricultural past. While the mill no longer grinds grain, its silhouette against the backdrop of the Westwood is a symbolic link to the past, evoking nostalgic memories of bygone days.

Golfing at the Westwood

The Beverley and East Riding Golf Club, with its lush greens and well-maintained fairways, offers a sporting experience in the heart of nature.

Established in the late 19th century, the club provides both novice and experienced golfers an opportunity to tee off amidst panoramic views.

Seasonal Beauty

Beverley Westwood is a canvas that nature repaints every season. Spring witnesses a riot of colours as daffodils bloom in abundance, creating a mesmerising spectacle.

Summer’s warmth invites picnickers, while autumn drapes the landscape in gold and crimson. Winters, with their frosted charm, offer a serene, picturesque setting.

Community and Celebrations

Beverley Westwood isn’t just about nature and history; it’s a hub for community events. Annual fairs, community gatherings, and seasonal celebrations are commonplace, making the Westwood the beating heart of Beverley.

Address – 67 Walkington Rd, Beverley

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