Bradford Industrial Museum

Bradford Industrial Museum, Bradford

Nestled within Bradford, the Bradford Industrial Museum is set within the Moorside Mills – a structure that once echoed with the rhythmic sounds of spinning and weaving.

Built in the late 19th century, this former textile mill today stands as a beacon, narrating tales of Bradford’s rise to industrial prominence.

Textiles at the Forefront

Bradford’s global reputation as the ‘Wool Capital of the World‘ is intricately displayed within the museum. Through meticulously preserved looms, spinning mules, and other textile machinery, visitors can trace the journey of wool, from fleece to fabric.

The museum’s textile gallery showcases the city’s affinity with various fabrics, including its world-renowned fine worsted cloth.

Beyond Textiles: A Broader Industrial Canvas

While textiles undeniably form the core, the Bradford Industrial Museum delves into other industries that shaped the city’s fabric. An impressive collection of printing equipment speaks to the evolution of communication methods.

The motor industry, another key player in Bradford’s history, is celebrated with vintage vehicles, highlighting milestones in transportation.

Daily Life Amidst Industrialisation

The museum excels in blending the macro narrative of industry with micro tales of daily life. Reconstructed settings, such as a terraced house, transport visitors back in time, offering glimpses of domestic life during the height of Bradford’s industrial era.

Workshops, complete with original tools and machinery, paint a vivid picture of the artisans’ workspaces, making the industrial narrative more tangible and personal.

Traditional craft demonstrations further breathe life into the historical displays, making the past resonate with contemporary audiences.

From Horses to Horsepower

A unique feature of the museum is its exploration of transportation’s evolution. The stables, originally housing the horses that powered the mill, now exhibit the transition from horse-drawn carts to motor vehicles.

This section not only showcases the technical progression but also sheds light on the societal changes propelled by mobility advancements.

The Bradford Industrial Museum chronicles the history of a city that was at the epicentre of an industrial revolution. It celebrates the innovations, pays homage to the workers, and critically examines the socio-economic dynamics of the era.

Address – 235 Moorside Road, Eccleshill, Bradford, BD2 3HP
Telephone – 01274 435900


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