Bridlington Animal Park, East Riding

Bridlington Animal Park, Bridlington

Overlooking the charming coastal town of Bridlington, the Bridlington Animal Park is a delightful blend of entertainment, education, and conservation. With the soothing backdrop of the sea, the park is a haven for both nature lovers and those seeking a captivating day out.

The park is home to native animals such as owls and foxes as well as more exotic inhabitants such as lemurs and reptiles. The care evident in the design of each enclosure reflects a deep commitment to animal welfare, ensuring a natural and comfortable environment for every resident.

The Birds of Prey Experience

One of the park’s crowning jewels is the spellbinding birds of prey demonstrations. As hawks, eagles, and falcons carve arcs into the sky, visitors can marvel at their aerial prowess.

Seasoned handlers, deeply attuned to their avian counterparts, share insights and tales, allowing guests to appreciate the unique attributes and challenges faced by these magnificent raptors.

Hands-on Learning

Bridlington Animal Park goes beyond observation by inviting guests to engage directly with nature. Young and old alike can delight in feeding sessions, interactive talks, and even the chance to handle some of the park’s gentler residents. These tactile experiences nurture a deeper bond between visitors and the animal kingdom.

Champions of Conservation

At its heart, Bridlington Animal Park is an advocate for the wild. Every exhibit, sign, and programme underscores the importance of conservation.

By sharing stories of habitat threats, conservation successes, and ongoing challenges, the park seeks to inspire and empower visitors to become stewards of the environment.


Throughout the year, the park buzzes with special events, ensuring no two visits are ever the same. Seasonal celebrations bring festive joy, while expert-led workshops delve deeper into specific areas of interest, from marine life conservation to avian migration patterns.

Comfort in Nature

Complementing the natural wonders are the park’s amenities. The cosy cafĂ© is perfect for a rejuvenating break, offering a variety of refreshments and treats.

Children can expend energy in dedicated play areas, while families and friends can enjoy alfresco meals in picturesque picnic spots. Before leaving, a visit to the gift shop is a must, offering a range of wildlife-themed memorabilia.

With its harmonious blend of recreation, education, and advocacy, the park offers visitors a comprehensive insight into the wonders of nature.

Address – Covert Lane, Carnaby, Bridlington, YO15 3QF
Telephone – 01262 673653

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