Captain Cook Memorial Museum, North Yorkshire

Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum is housed in a 17th-century Grade I listed building on Grape Lane in Whitby.

This historic building is particularly significant as it was here that young James Cook lodged during his apprenticeship years.

The building, originally the home of the Walker family, prominent Quaker ship owners, stands as a testament to Whitby’s rich maritime heritage.

Journey into Cook’s Expeditions

One of the museum’s highlights is its extensive exhibition on Captain Cook’s epic voyages. Through a collection of original documents, detailed maps, and intricate ship models, visitors can trace Cook’s routes across the vast oceans.

This journey reveals his unparalleled navigational skills and the monumental impact of his discoveries on European knowledge of the wider world.

Personal Artefacts & Letters

To truly understand the man behind the legend, the museum showcases a range of personal items belonging to Captain Cook. Letters penned by Cook himself give an intimate glimpse into his thoughts, challenges and relationships.

Additionally, artefacts sourced from the lands he explored, like Pacific tapa cloth and indigenous tools, provide context to his interactions with diverse cultures.

The Whitby Connection

James Cook’s connection to Whitby wasn’t merely coincidental. The town and its ship-building prowess played a pivotal role in shaping Cook’s maritime career.

The museum elaborates on this relationship, emphasising how Whitby’s ships, particularly the ‘Endeavour’, were instrumental in Cook’s voyages. Visitors can further explore how Whitby’s community and its Quaker values influenced the young apprentice’s worldview.

Interactive & Engaging Displays

Engaging audio-visual presentations narrate tales of sea battles, encounters with indigenous peoples, and the challenges of uncharted navigation. These immersive experiences allow visitors of all ages to step into Captain Cook’s shoes, if only for a moment.

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum isn’t just a homage to a renowned explorer but a gateway into an era of exploration, discovery, and maritime might.

It pays a striking tribute to Captain James Cook’s illustrious voyages, while also underscoring the significant influence of this seaside town in the annals of world exploration.

Catering to avid historians and curious wanderers, the museum offers an enthralling odyssey that unveils the mystique, valour, and legacy of one of the most revered explorers in history.

Address – Grape Lane, Whitby, YO22 4BA
Telephone – 01947 601 900

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