Diggerland, West Yorkshire


Diggerland defies traditional theme park norms. Rather than the usual roller coasters and water rides, it offers visitors a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of construction workers, offering hands-on experiences with genuine construction machinery.

It’s an innovative blend of amusement and education, targeting not just children but adults too, rekindling childhood memories of playing with toy trucks and diggers.

Mighty Machines

The primary allure of Diggerland lies in its fleet of real-life JCB machines. These aren’t just static displays; visitors are allowed to climb aboard and operate them.

Under expert supervision, you can manoeuvre excavators, navigate dumper trucks, and even try your hand at challenges like digging trenches or stacking tyres.

For many, it’s a dream come true, feeling the rumble of these machines and controlling their powerful movements.

Adrenaline-Pumping Rides

While the core experience revolves around construction machinery, Diggerland doesn’t skimp on traditional amusement rides.

The ‘Spindizzy’ ride, for instance, repurposes a large digger into a dizzying merry-go-round, spinning riders in its giant bucket.

Then there’s the ‘Skyshuttle‘, lifting visitors 50 feet into the air, offering panoramic views of the park and beyond. These rides, inspired by construction themes, ensure that even those not keen on operating machinery have their share of thrills.

For the Young Builders

Recognising that the massive machines might be intimidating for the tiniest visitors, Diggerland offers dedicated zones for younger children.

Here, mini excavators and smaller-scale rides ensure that even the youngest attendees can participate without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a space where they can mimic the older crowd, digging and driving in a setting scaled to their size.

Ensuring a Secure Experience

One might wonder about the safety of allowing the general public, including children, to operate heavy machinery. Diggerland addresses this with a robust safety protocol.

Each activity is closely monitored by trained staff, ensuring that all operations remain within safe limits.

Whether it’s the joy of operating a massive digger, the thrill of the construction-themed rides, or the newfound appreciation for the engineering marvels, visitors leave with cherished memories and a unique perspective on the world of construction.

For families, adventure-seekers, or simply the curious, Diggerland promises an experience that is both exhilarating and enlightening.

A highly-recommended West Yorkshire family attraction.

Address – Willowbridge Lane, Castleford, WF10 5NW
Telephone – 01634 711 711

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