Filey Bird Garden, North Yorkshire


Tucked away in the coastal charm of Filey, the Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park offers an oasis of natural beauty and wonder. This family-run attraction spans several acres, expertly blending the joys of wildlife watching with the serenity of landscaped gardens.

An Avian Wonderland

Central to the park’s appeal is its impressive bird collection. Visitors can meander through pathways lined with flowering plants, trees, and shrubs, serenaded by the chorus of bird songs from every direction.

The garden features a myriad of aviaries, each housing different species. From the colourful exuberance of parrots and cockatiels to the solemn grace of owls and hawks, the park boasts a diverse range of feathered inhabitants.

Each aviary is carefully designed, mirroring the natural environment of the birds. Signposts peppered around the enclosures offer insights into each species, their habitats, diets, and more.

It’s not just a visual treat, but also an educational journey, with the park keen on promoting avian conservation.

A Menagerie of Mammals and More

Beyond the birds, the park’s animal enclosures are equally enchanting. Visitors can delight in the playful antics of lemurs or watch alpacas graze peacefully in their paddocks.

From the soft purrs of the resident felines to the gentle hopping of rabbits, there’s no shortage of heartwarming encounters.

Interactive elements, such as animal feeding sessions, elevate the experience. Under the guidance of friendly staff, visitors can offer treats to selected animals, making for an intimate, hands-on interaction.

A Commitment to Education

One of the standout features of the Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park is its unwavering commitment to education.

As one explores the park, they’re greeted with informative displays that delve into the habits, habitats, and conservation needs of its residents.

Regularly scheduled talks by experts further enhance understanding, covering diverse topics from animal behaviours to global conservation challenges.

Lush Landscaping and Serenity Spots

Interwoven with the animal enclosures are pockets of green spaces — tranquil spots perfect for relaxation.

Here, visitors can enjoy a moment’s respite, surrounded by flowering plants, bubbling water features, and the sweet scent of nature.

The landscaping efforts are evident, with the park seamlessly merging the vibrancy of wildlife with the calm of well-maintained gardens.

Visitors leave not just with memories of delightful animal encounters but also with a renewed appreciation for the natural world.

Address – Scarborough Rd, Filey YO14 9PG
Telephone – 01723 514439

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