Hull Maritime Museum, East Riding

Hull Maritime Museum, Hull

The museum’s residence, an architectural masterpiece from the Victorian era, once served as the Dock Offices. Its neo-classical design, coupled with meticulous craftsmanship, reflects the city’s affluence during its maritime zenith.

Whaling: Hull’s Arctic Adventure

One of the central exhibits of the museum revolves around Hull’s significant role in the whaling industry.

Detailed displays chronicle the perilous Arctic expeditions, showcasing tools, harpoons, and even a full-sized whale skeleton. Personal diaries, ship logs, and artefacts offer a poignant insight into the lives of the whalers.

A Parade of Ships

A major attraction is the vast collection of ship models. These intricate masterpieces range from merchant ships and trawlers to grand liners, encapsulating the evolution of shipbuilding and maritime engineering.

Artistic Endeavours

The museum takes pride in its extensive maritime art collection. These artworks, crafted by renowned artists, depict vivid seascapes, bustling docks, and perilous sea voyages

They serve not just as visual treats but as historical documents capturing fleeting moments of maritime life.

Tales of Trade and Exploration

Hull’s strategic location made it a hub for trade and exploration. The museum celebrates this facet with exhibits detailing trading routes, commodities, encounters with indigenous communities, and the challenges faced by explorers.

Engaging the Next Generation

Interactive displays, audio guides, and hands-on exhibits ensure that the museum experience is engaging for younger visitors. Workshops, educational programmes, and special events are routinely hosted to kindle maritime curiosity.

Safeguarding Maritime Legacy

Conservation efforts are at the heart of the museum’s ethos. Restorative projects, research endeavours, and collaborations with maritime institutions ensure that Hull’s nautical heritage is preserved for future generations.

Hull Maritime Museum is a dynamic space where history, art, and community engagement converge, providing a comprehensive look into Hull’s maritime identity.

Address – Queen Victoria Square, Hull, HU1 3DX
Telephone – 01482 300300

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