Magna Centre, South Yorkshire

Magna Science Adventure Centre

Situated in Rotherham, the Magna Science Adventure Centre stands as a beacon of interactive learning, marrying the realms of science, technology, and the region’s rich industrial past.

Historical Significance

Before becoming the renowned science centre it is today, the site was home to the Templeborough Steelworks. Operational for almost a century, this former steel plant was once among the world’s largest.

Today, while the furnaces no longer roar and the air is free from the haze of industry, the legacy of those steel-making days has not been forgotten.

The Steelos Gallery pays tribute to this era, offering insights into the steel production processes and the daily lives of workers. Photographs, personal accounts, and artefacts bring to life the challenges and triumphs of this bygone age.

Interactive Pavilions

The heart of Magna lies in its four thematic pavilions, each dedicated to one of the fundamental elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

In the Earth Pavilion you can venture into the bowels of our planet, simulate earthquakes, operate real-life JCBs, or uncover the secrets of rock formations.

This Air Pavilion is all about aerodynamics and atmospheric wonders. Here, one can create vortexes, explore the Bernoulli principle, and even experience the simulated forces of a tornado.

The Fire Pavilion showcases the principles of combustion, the dangers of fire and its many applications.

Water Pavilion enables you to understand the multifaceted nature of water – its cycle, properties, and significance in our lives. Interactive exhibits allow for water play, demonstrating principles like flow, pressure, and filtration.

Outdoor Attractions

Beyond the internal wonders, Magna is not short on outdoor attractions either. The Sci-Tek adventure playground offers a sprawling space for children to engage with science in a more physical manner.

From giant slides to innovative play structures, there’s no shortage of fun. Meanwhile, Aqua-Tek, one of the UK’s largest outdoor water adventure playgrounds, proves especially popular during the warmer months, offering a refreshing blend of play and learning.

In essence, the Magna Science Adventure Centre is more than a museum or a playground – it’s an experience. It captures the indomitable spirit of the Yorkshire region, from its steel-forged past to its forward-looking embrace of science and technology.

For those looking to ignite a passion for learning or simply spend a day immersed in interactive fun, Magna stands as a testament to the wonders of human curiosity and the endless possibilities of discovery.

Address – Magna Way, Templeborough, Rotherham, S60 1FD
Telephone – 01709 720 002

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