Manor Heath Park and Jungle Experience, West Yorkshire


Manor Heath Park, a gem nestled in the heart of Halifax, carries with it a rich tapestry of history and modern charm.

Sprawling over several acres, this green haven has, over the years, transformed from being a mere recreational spot to an emblem of Halifax’s commitment to nature and conservation.

The Serenity of Manor Heath Park

The is meticulously designed and managed with every tree, flowerbed, and water feature designed with thought and purpose.

The large ponds, reflecting the vast Yorkshire skies, are often dotted with ducks and geese.

Children find their haven here, with playgrounds equipped to fuel their imaginative play. Families often spread out on the manicured lawns, their picnics interspersed with laughter and joy.

A Tropical Odyssey

While the park offers the tranquillity typical of English gardens, the Jungle Experience promises an adventure of a different kind. Encased within an elegant glasshouse, this feature of Manor Heath stands as a stark yet harmonious contrast to the park.

Stepping into the Jungle Experience is akin to being teleported to a rainforest. The transition is immediate: the cool English air gives way to tropical warmth and humidity.

The space teems with a myriad of plants, each with its unique story. Towering palms reach for the ceiling, while ferns and climbers sprawl in delightful chaos. Vivid orchids, with their intricate patterns, compete for attention with the deep greens of foliage plants.

The soundscapes within this jungle are equally mesmerising. The gentle trickle of water features creates an auditory backdrop, occasionally punctuated by the calls of the exotic birds that call this space home

Educational Endeavours

Beyond the visual and sensory allure, the Jungle Experience is also an educational hub. Informative panels accompany many plants, offering insights into their origins, uses, and significance.

For school groups and curious visitors, this becomes an invaluable resource, transforming a day out into a learning experience. The space not only fosters a love for nature but also instils an understanding of ecosystems far removed from the British Isles.

On one hand, you have the quintessential English park, with its orderly design, reflecting ponds, and local flora.

On the other, there’s a slice of the tropics, chaotic in its beauty and bursting with life. Together, they offer a journey that spans continents, climates, and cultures.

Address – Manor Heath Road, Halifax, HX3 0EB
Telephone – 01422 365 631

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